This Is Fate teasers for October 2021: Mahira returns to the Luthra house

This Is Fate teasers for October 2021: Mahira returns to the Luthra house

October episodes of the latest season of This Is Fate (Kundali Bhagya) have an enticing plot as Mahira returns to the Luthra mansion. What will Preeta do to ensure she does not take all that belongs to her? Below are This Is Fate teasers on what to expect during the month.

This Is Fate teasers for October 2021
Kareena blames Preeta for Mahira's problems in upcoming episodes of This Is Fate Indian series. Photo: @ZeeWorldAfrica
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This Is Fate on Zee World has remained a favourite among Indian soapie lovers since its first season. The never-ending drama at the Luthra mansion keeps viewers coming back for more. After finally tying the knot with Karan, Preeta is now fighting to ensure Mahira and her accomplices do not break her marriage in upcoming episodes of This Is Fate series.

This Is Fate teasers for October 2021

Mahira is not ready to give up on her plan to be with Karan. How does she accomplish her mission in This Is Fate October episodes? Here are the show’s teasers on how the drama unfolds.

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This Is Fate teasers for October 2021
How will Preeta stop Mahira from breaking her marriage? Gif:, (modified by author)
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1st of October 2021, Friday: Episode 19

Muh Dikhai traditions for Preeta are underway, but Karan’s conduct shocks everyone. Later, Mahira comes to the Luthra mansion with a bleeding wrist and faints. The shocked family takes her to a medical facility.

2nd of October 2021, Saturday: Episode 20

The authorities wait to take Mahira’s statement when she wakes up, while Kareena feels all this is happening because of Preeta. Later, Prithvi comes to the medical facility and attempts to trick Karan. The Luthras are not pleased with what the attorney has to say.

3rd of October 2021, Sunday: Episode 21

Prithvi finds out about the evil plot that Ramona and Mahira are working on. Mahira acts like a homeless person, and Kareena asks her to come home. Rishabh does not support Kareena’s decision, but Dadi defends her. Janki cautions Preeta concerning Mahira while Karan falls prey to Mahira’s trap.

4th of October 2021, Monday: Episode 22

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Preeta breaks her mangalsutra while her vermilion slips and falls. Meanwhile, Sherlyn does not take Sanjana’s warning seriously, while Mahira succeeds at making the Luthra family conduct the rituals for her. Later, Preeta is heartbroken when Karan offers his support to Mahira.

5th of October 2021, Tuesday: Episode 23

Preeta informs Mahira that she knows about her plans at the mansion. Later, Mahira goes to see Ramona concerning the issue, and she makes up her mind to give Preeta the same punishment she gave Gayatri.

6th of October 2021, Wednesday: Episode 24

Karan embraces Preeta as he attempts to make her envious. Meanwhile, Dadi does not support Mahira’s decision to fast for Karan, but Kareena defends her. Sarla comes with Sargi Ke Laddus, and Mahira contacts Ramona.

7th of October 2021, Thursday: Episode 25

Dadi pours kerosene on herself while Karan makes Sarla feel better as he defends her conduct. Sarla and Ramona seek Dadi’s forgiveness before going away, while Rishab is pleased with Karan’s actions.

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8th of October 2021, Friday: Episode 26

Karan wants to know if Preeta likes him as he inquires from her. Elsewhere, Sameer attempts to ask Srishti to marry him, but Kareena spoils his plans when she arrives at the wrong time. Karan and Rishabh ladies rise early to participate in the sargi traditions, and Mahira later arrives for the rituals.

9th of October 2021, Saturday: Episode 27

Rishabh is left in shock when Sherlyn opens up about her pregnancy. Rishab later vents her anger on Sameer and Karan. Preeta is asked by Karan to eat something in secret while Kareena and Dadi discover Mahira taking a meal in the kitchen.

This Is Fate teasers for October 2021
Will Mahira's mission at the Luthra mansion succeed? Gif:, (modified by author)
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What happens to This Is Fate cast?

This Is Fate’s storyline is getting tense as Mahira’s plot to ruin Preeta seems to be working. Where does the Luthra family stand in all these? Here is a recap of how the drama unfolds in This Is Fate October episodes.

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After being expelled from the Luthra mansion because of her involvement in Preeta’s abduction, Mahira returns with a bleeding wrist. She faints and is taken to a medical facility. She later pretends to be homeless, and Kareena asks her to come home, unaware that it is all part of her devious plan to ruin Preeta and be with Karan.


Kareena blames her for Mahira’s problems. She is hurt when Karan supports Mahira, who has made the Luthra’s perform the rituals for her. She later reveals to Mahira that she is aware of her intentions, but can she stop her?

This Is Fate Indian series has many dramatic twists that you cannot afford to miss, as revealed by the above This Is Fate teasers. How will Preeta tackle Mahira to ensure her marriage with Karan remains intact? The Indian show airs on Zee World from Mondays to Fridays at 9.00 p.m.

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