This time she's doing a TV show on Netflix: Rachel Dolezal is at it again

This time she's doing a TV show on Netflix: Rachel Dolezal is at it again

- Infamous black imposter Rachel Dolezal apparently runs a successful business catering to the hair care needs of black women

- in 2015 she gained fame when it was alleged that essentially she was engaging in “blackface” by posing as a black person

- Despite widespread condemnation for her actions, Dolezel clings to the belief that she has done nothing wrong and plans to continue identifying as black

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Were it not for her white parents “outing” her as white, Rachel Dolezal might well have continued to get away with passing herself off as a black woman. gathers that she certainly hasn’t been harmed by the extra publicity that has come her way, despite claiming to have suffered as a result, and soon there will even be a Netflix programme about her.

She sells books and trades on her reputation to book appearances where she offers "advice" on how to deal with racism, and other issues which would be far better left for actual black women to speak on.

She even recently visited South Africa where she said she wanted to help people here deal with transforming their society into a less racially polarised one, but instead was largely treated with contempt by people of all colours.

One South African social commentator even retorted that perhaps she had stumbled on a solution to racial disharmony, since her coming to South African had brought the races together in mutual condemnation of her.

Now it seems, the world has discovered that aside from the books and appearances, Dolezal is also running a home-based salon, doing braids on black women, kids and some men.

According to a series of photos Dolezal shared online, she offers a variety of styles. She reportedly offers an array of cornrows and plaits, faux dreads, weaves, and coloring. Surprisingly, she isn’t bad at it. Although, logically we should admit it probably shouldn't be too surprising if you consider that she literally wrote the book on faking being black.

Black people however are annoyed about this usage of their cultural practices to make money calling it cultural appropriation and an insult by someone who isn’t black but "passes as black."

The argument that “passing as black” is enough for her to be considered black which Dolezal tries to convince her detractors of isn’t a pill anyone is prepared to swallow without putting up a fight.

People rightly point out that a black person cannot choose to wear their blackness on a whim, and put it on and take it off at will, similarly, they object to her claiming that her “blackness choice” is legitimate.

The reaction to convicted racist, Vicki Momberg appearing in court in cornrows is a pretty good indication that South Africans take a dim view of this type of thing.

Perhaps Dolezal can give Momberg some tips or vice versa?

The protests and social media backlash of the past showed while there is widespread condemnation, there also seems to be a lot of curiosity about this woman and what she does.

Perhaps it is the same sort of deep seated motivation that compels people to turn to look at whatever they are instructed not to look at.

Most recently Dolezal has also announced that there will soon be a Netflix documentary titled The Rachel Divide on the cards detailing her daily life since she was outed, set to air on April 27, which is Freedom Day here in South Africa, one wonders what the reaction to it will be locally.

What are your thoughts on this woman and what she is doing?

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