DiepCity Teasers for October 2021: Will Bonga's heart be healed?

DiepCity Teasers for October 2021: Will Bonga's heart be healed?

The DiepCity soapie tells the story of the average South African. The hustles, travails, victories and laughter of Nox allows you to step into the everyday life of an individual trying to make something out of a life of nothingness. The DiepCity teasers for October are here to guide you through the expectations of the new episodes.

DiepCity Teasers
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Nok is determined to purchase a tombstone for her dead brother, Sibusiso, but her mother, Thandiwe, is unwilling to make it easy. Unfortunately, this leads to some family dramas. Nevertheless, Malume Jantshi finds a way to win over Khelina’s heart, but for how long and for what reasons? Get a quick glance at the themes of love, determination, and betrayal as portrayed by the characters in the coming episodes of this highly engaging television series.

DiepCity Teasers for October 2021

Apart from entertainment, another vital thing to watch out for in any show is how well it educates. Interestingly, the DiepCity drama entertains, informs, and also educates. It is a show worth watching with family and friends. Therefore, check out the highlights below to have a feel of what to expect as the episodes air this month

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Episode 130 - Friday, 1st of October, 2021

Bonga is willing to seek employment with Nox, but Thandiwe kicks against it. Lerato and Maureen ask Mgedeza questions about the assassin.

Episode 131 - Monday, 4th of October, 2021

Lungile is finding it difficult to cope with school because of Khumo’s absence. Meanwhile, Khelina suggests similar T-shirts.

Episode 132 - Tuesday, 5th of October, 2021

Lungile admonishes Nox to explain why she wants to acquire a tombstone for Sibusiso.

Episode 133 - Wednesday, 6th of October, 2021

The Nkabi and Zola troubles are a thing of the past, and Lerato informs the girl that an appropriate mourning ritual can now occur. Meanwhile, Asanda serves Charleston and Sne some meals during an excitable moment.

Episode 134 - Thursday, 7th of October, 2021

Bonga is heartbroken after Nox insists that he does not support her against Thandiwe. However, Mgedeza and Maureen reminisce about Khumo.

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Episode 135 - Friday, 8th of October, 2021

Charleston says a prayer for Sne while Asanda motivates her. Thandiwe insists that Nox behaves like her father, who brings trouble anywhere he goes. Thandiwe also blames Nox for the death of Sibusiso.

Episode 136 - Monday, 11th of October, 2021

Nox leaves angrily after vowing to have nothing to do with Thandiwe again.

DiepCity Teasers
Thandiwe insists that Nox behaves like her father. GIF: youtube.com, gifs.com (modified by author)
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Episode 137 - Tuesday, 12th of October, 2021

Thandiwe visits Nox at the workshop, but the relationship between them is still strained.

Episode 138 - Wednesday, 13th of October, 2021

Nox is not willing to forgive Thandiwe despite Bonga’s admonitions regarding the matter. Finally, Maureen challenges Khelina; she wants to know if Khelina is licensed for liquor.

Episode 139 - Thursday, 14th of October, 2021

Maureen is desperate to regain her customers, while Bonga sues for peace between Khelina and Maureen.

Episode 140 - Friday, 15th of October, 2021

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Khelina’s customers do not make it easy for the Jele household to sleep because of their noise all night.

Episode 141 - Monday, 18th of October, 2021

Nox and her entire household are gradually recovering, but it is a torturous journey with the frequent mention of Sibusiso’s name.

Episode 142 - Tuesday, 19th of October, 2021

Ringo reprimands Charleston heavily for playing the devil’s advocate. Elsewhere, Khelina makes a complaint to Maureen, but it only worsens the case. Finally, Nox finds out that karma is real.

Episode 143 - Wednesday, 20th of October, 2021

Bonga makes a drastic distinction that puts his family in a difficult position. However, Khelina receives a tempting offer from Charleston.

Episode 144 - Thursday, 21st of October, 2021

Bonga does not cower to Thandiwe’s intimidation and stands his ground, while Ringo makes things difficult for Khelina. However, Maureen’s dark secrets are nearly in the open.

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Episode 145 - Friday, 22nd of October, 2021

Thandiwe pleads with Bonga and promises to turn a new leaf. However, the brew-off comes with a mixture of pressure, blackmail, and unexpected results.

DiepCity Teasers
Bonga makes a drastic distinction that puts his family in a difficult position. GIF: youtube.com, gifs.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Episode 146 - Monday, 25th of October, 2021

Maureen is annoyed after overhearing the conversation between Malume Jantshi and Ringo; the former tells the latter that he has consented to record his album after receiving some cash from Mgedeza. Nevertheless, Nox feels homesick but fails to go home after Bonga calls for a family reunion.

Episode 147 - Tuesday, 26th of October, 2021

Khelina manages to make Thandiwe see how the pastel can influence the present. However, Thandiwe and Nox already reach an agreement about the tombstone, and Bonga tells Ringo he is at home for that reason.

Episode 148 - Wednesday, 27th of October, 2021

Nox is not pleased with the ladies' decision to reject her loan application from the business. Meanwhile, Khelina is treated like a princess when she goes on a date with Malume Jantshi.

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Episode 149 - Thursday, 28th of October, 2021

Ringo confides in Malume Jantshi about his relationship troubles; apparently, his lover has not been giving him enough attention in recent times, and he is at a loss about the reasons. Finally, Maureen inquires about Malume Jantshi’s departure date.

Episode 150 - Friday, 29th of October, 2021

Mgedeza attempts to persuade Maureen that supporting Malume Jantshi is the appropriate route to take. Also, Lerato is impressed by Malume Jantshi’s tales about his life on stage in the past but thinks it is only right if Malume Jantshi organises a concert.


Nox is strong-willed and wants what she wants without apology. Unfortunately, this behaviour puts her at loggerheads with someone important to her. Her opponent likens her behaviour to her father’s disruptive nature; she also gets the blame for the death of someone. However, she promises never to forgive the person that had said those terrible words to her. Eventually, she discovers that what goes around comes around.

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Thandiwe is a bossy woman who rules her household with enviable dexterity. She does not fail to advise her children whenever they go astray. This is the case between her and her daughter, Nox. However, in stating her points, she goes a little too far with her verbal exchanges, which threatens a severe and already shaken mother-daughter relationship. She had to eat humble pie in the end and apologise for her high handedness.

Considering the DiepCity teasers for October 2021, the storyline for this month's episodes are super interesting. Remember to tune in to Mzansi Magic from Mondays to Fridays at 20h30 to watch the full show.

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