House of Zwide Teasers for October 2021: Drama at the fashion house intensifies

House of Zwide Teasers for October 2021: Drama at the fashion house intensifies

Great entertainment awaits this October as the drama on’s House of Zwide intensifies. Funani discovers Faith’s betrayal, and their fight starts affecting the kids. Elsewhere, Molefe desperately tries to get funding for his sishanyama idea while J’adore continues to scam Lazarus. Keep reading the following House of Zwide teasers to discover more.

House of Zwide Teasers
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House of Zwide on revolves around Ona, a young girl fascinated by fashion. She gets an internship at the House of Zwide to chase her dreams, unaware that deep secrets from her past are buried in the fashion company. She later discovers that the company’s owner is her dad and the man she thought was her father is her mother’s killer. Will she choose revenge or ensuring her dream is a reality?

House of Zwide teasers for October 2021

House of Zwide on is no doubt one of the best local prime time soapies with a talented cast and amazing content creators. What should viewers expect this coming October? Here are House of Zwide teasers on what is coming up.

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1st October 2021, Friday: Episode 55

Nkosi’s quest to do better than Bra Carter has damaging effects on Shoki. Elsewhere, Ona is confused by Sandile and Soka’s affection while Lazarus is having the best time of his life.

4th October 2021, Monday: Episode 56

Funani and Faith come back from KwaZulu-Natal, and the former quickly learns about Faith’s deception. Bra Carter makes up his mind on how Shoki can repay him for her dishonesty.

5th October 2021, Tuesday: Episode 57

The kids are now being affected by the fight between Funani and Faith. On the other hand, J’adore is controlling Lazarus.

6th October 2021, Wednesday: Episode 58

Lazarus continues to act as if everything is normal. Shoki finds a way to get into the Zwide household, but her plan does not deliver the expected results.

7th October 2021, Thursday: Episode 59

The interns are full of anxiety as they try to please Kelly Khumalo. However, it is Zanele who ends up embarrassing her mother in front of everyone.

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8th October 2021, Friday: Episode 60

Nomsa finds herself involved in the troubles between Bra Carter and Shoki. Meanwhile, one of the interns ruins Ona’s attire to proceed.

House of Zwide Teasers
An intern ruins Ona's dress to get ahead in House of Zwide October episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
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11th October 2021, Monday: Episode 61

Nomsa decides to intervene when Shoki turns down Bra Carter. The battle between the interns intensifies as Nambitha gets more nervous and worried. Meanwhile, Zanele takes the blame for Senzo.

12th October 2021, Tuesday: Episode 62

The ladies start to fight when Ona’s attire is ruined. Meanwhile, Nomsa starts working on her plan as she plays both Shoki and Nkosi, and an unexpected winner is announced

13th October 2021, Wednesday: Episode 63

Shoki and Nomsa ask Isaac to help them while Nambitha kicks off her demanding week with Funani. J’adore’s real intentions are exposed.

14th October 2021, Thursday: Episode 64

Nomsa is overwhelmed when she accepts to design wedding attires to repay the debt owed to Bra Carter. Meanwhile, Pearl cautions Lazarus regarding J’adore’s intentions while Nambitha struggles to conceal her relationship with De Villiers.

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15th October 2021, Friday: Episode 65

Ona decides to assist Nomsa but finds a surprise. Nambitha decides to reveal a secret while J’adore has not stopped blackmailing Lazarus.

18th October 2021, Monday: Episode 66

Molefe comes to the rescue before Shoki and Nomsa give up hope. On the other hand, Pearl discovers worrying details regarding J’adore while De Villiers and Funani have a face-off.

19th October 2021, Tuesday: Episode 67

Nambitha loses her position at the workplace while Lazarus accosts J’adore. Meanwhile, Molefe and Nomsa do all they can to ensure that Gugu’s wedding is not ruined.

20th October 2021, Wednesday: Episode 68

Lazarus acts violently towards J’adore while the wedding is back on, but Nomsa must put in extra effort to ensure everything works well.

21st October 2021, Thursday: Episode 69

Rumours regarding Nomsa’s achievements start going around. Elsewhere, Zanele unsuccessfully tries to get her parents talking again.

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22nd October 2021, Friday: Episode 70

Bra Carter drops a bombshell just when Nomsa thinks everything is working fine. Mampho places her focus on Nkosi Zwide while another Molapo finds themselves at the House of Zwide.

House of Zwide Teasers
Nomsa finds herself dragged in Bra Carter and Shoki's troubles in upcoming episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
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25th October 2021, Monday: Episode 71

Rea’s efforts to ensure Funani’s photoshoot is not ruined do not work out when she ends up offending him. On the other hand, Nomsa makes up her mind to straighten the situation with Bra Carter at once.

26th October 2021, Tuesday: Episode 72

Rea and Funani are discovered by Isaac in a compromising position. Molefe finds out that he must make his contribution, or he is out.

27th October 2021, Wednesday: Episode 73

Rea receives an enticing proposal from Funani. Elsewhere, Molefe desperately asks God for a sign and seems to receive one.

28th October 2021, Thursday: Episode 74

There is a strain in both Rea and Funani’s marriages when they start working together. Molefe makes attempts to find investment for his shisanyama idea.

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29th October 2021, Friday: Episode 75

Molefe decides to turn to gambling to raise the finances he needs but ends up ruining his own plans. On the other hand, Isaac starts doing dirty tricks to create a rift between Rea and Funani.

House of Zwide Teasers
Funani discovers Faith's betrayal in upcoming episodes of House of Zwide. Gif:, (modified by author)
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What happens to the House of Zwide cast?

House of Zwide fashion series has several South African A-list actors and actresses who have ensured it is a household show since its premiere. October episodes are full of fascinating twists characterized by betrayal and desperation as the cast members try to make things work in their favour. Here is a summary of what happens to some of the show’s characters during the month.


He learns that he must make a contribution, or he is out. He desperately seeks a sign from God and later tries to get investment for his shisanyama idea. When his efforts do not bear fruits, he turns to gambling to raise finances but gets in his own way. Who will come to his rescue?

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He discovers that Faith betrayed him, and their fight starts to have a negative effect on the kids. Later, he starts working with Rea, and their collaboration seems to put a strain on their marriages. Isaac resorts to dishonest means to create a rift between the two.


She finds herself between Bra Carter and Shoki’s conflict. She is later overwhelmed when she accepts to design wedding outfits to repay Bra Carter’s debt. Gugu’s wedding is almost ruined, and she is forced to pull a significant miracle to deliver. She later makes up her mind to settle things with Bra Carter once and for all. How will she do it?

The fashion drama in House of Zwide telenovela promises to be more entertaining this October, as seen from the above House of Zwide teasers. Who will save Molefe from his predicament? The local soapie airs on from Mondays to Fridays at 7.00 p.m.

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