Overnight success: 13 billionaires who made their fortunes in no time

Overnight success: 13 billionaires who made their fortunes in no time

There are people in this world that make their fortune in a short period of time while others take years to become billionaires.

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An outstanding number of 2 208 made the Forbes annual ranking of the world’s billionaires, this was according to Forbes. The 20 richest people in the world are worth a staggering $1.2 trillion. A total of $9.1 trillion, which is up 18% from a year ago, is the sum worth of all billionaires.

A number of people have made their fortunes literally “overnight’ in comparison to those billionaires that have taken a lifetime of work to amass their fortunes.

Let’s take a look at the lucky ones accumulating their money in the shortest time period:

Eduardo Saverin: 1 year

Saverin worked at Facebook, the popular social networking site, for less than a year before leaving, and was one of the co-founding members. He kept his small stake in the company which was worth more than $1 billion by 2010. Investing in startups like Qwiki and Jumio, makes Saverin’s net worth of about $9 billion.

Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy: 3 years

This pair are the co-founders of Snapchat. The multimedia messaging app enjoyed by so many, was founded in 2011. It took only 3 years for the net worth to accumulate to over $1 billion in 2014.

Sean Parker: 1.5 years

Napster, a music-sharing service, was released in the early 2000s, which Parker is a co-founder. Parker spend a short time as the President of Facebook and this is what was responsible for him becoming a billionaire. Serving as president from 2004 and leaving the social networking company in 2006.

He sold around 3.5 million of his shares before Facebook’s 2012 IPO. Keeping almost 70 million of his shares, made a comfortable move for him into the billionaire’s club.

Pierre Omidyar: 3 years

At the age of 28, Omidyar launched an online action site, eBay.com, in 1995. A broken laser printer was the first item sold on eBay. It took 3 years for eBay to go public. A single share cost only 18 dollars. Within three months stocks attained the 300 dollar mark, making the creator a billionaire.

Jeff Bezos: 6 years

An online bookstore, Amazon, was started in 1993 by an investment banker, Jeff Bezos. By 1999, he was on the Forbes’ World Billionaire List.

Even though Bezos is according to Forbes, the richest man in the United States, his net worth was strained in the mid-2000s. Now in 2018, his net worth is said to be $118.5 billion.

Jay S. Walker: 1 year

Just a year after he founded Priceline.com, Walker became a billionaire. He may the fastest person to join the billionaire’s club 1999.

It was only a year after joining the club that Walker dropped down the billionaire’s list. Taking a hit during the dot-com bust, Walker left Priceline in 2000. One year later he sold his stock for $426 million.

Mark Zuckerberg: 4 years

Zuckerberg is Facebook’s CEO and the co-founder. He was debuted on the Forbes World Billionaire list in 2008 for his large holdings in Facebook. Today, Zuckerberg is worth over a whopping $60 billion.

Jerry Yang and David Filo: 4 years

In 1994, Filo and Yang co-founded the company Yahoo. Two years later they took Yahoo public, and by 1998, the Yahoo co-founders had become billionaires.

Eric Lefkofsky, Andrew Mason, and Brad Keywell: 3 years

Groupon went public in 2011. These three co-founders starting Groupon in 2008 and in 3 years made bank with their company.

Mark Cuban: 4 years

Cuban made his mark in the United States as one of the most famous billionaires. Becoming a billionaire in 1999 when Yahoo purchased Broadcast.com, Cuban’s internet radio company. This was Yahoo’s most expensive buy up and till now with the $5.7 billion buy and adding $1.6 billion to his net worth

Patrick and John Collision: 4 years

Stripe, streamlines online payments, is owned by the Collision brothers and was valued at $9 billion.

John, the youngest brother, earned himself the title of the youngest self-made billionaire in the world. He stills holds that title today.

Gary Winnick: 2.5 years

Global Crossing, founded in 1997 by Winnick, is a company the assists companied like Microsoft and AT&T to gain Asian customers. In 1998, Global Crossing went public and its valuation made Winnick $4.5 billion.

Winnick had sold most of his shares by 2002 when Global Crossing went bankrupt.

The one to watch

Sandile Shezi: 5 years

At the young age of 23, Shezi became one of the youngest millionaires in South Africa. Starting his business career in high school by selling muffins to pay for his tuition fees.

Making his millions in Forex exchange, an over-the-counter market in which currencies of the world are exchanged. Only time will make this millionaire and billionaire!

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