Voëlvry teasers for October 2021: Rifat disowns his daughter

Voëlvry teasers for October 2021: Rifat disowns his daughter

Kuzgun’s quest to seek revenge and become the most powerful man in Istanbul has just started. Rifat is finally in prison, and his daughter Dila accepts to get married to Kuzgun. Can Rifat’s son Ali manage to get him out of jail after his daughter’s betrayal? Discover how the action unfolds from the following Voëlvry teasers.

Voëlvry teasers for October 2021
Voëlvry, originally called Kuzgun, is a new Turkish telenovela on eExtra. Photo: @kuzgundilaaa
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Voëlvry on eExtra is a crime romance drama that revolves around Kuzgun, the son of a trustworthy police officer. At eight years old, his life is turned upside down when his father is betrayed by a colleague in a drug scandal, and he is expelled from the force. Twenty years later, Kuzgun is all grown up and ready to seek revenge for his childhood trauma.

Voëlvry teasers for October 2021

Voëlvry TV series, originally called Kuzgun, is one of the most entertaining and highly rated Turkish dramas. Do not miss the action as the show gets a regular weekday run on eExtra. Here are the teasers for the October premiere episodes.

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Voëlvry teasers
The death of Kesik leaves Kuzgun devastated and he vows to seek revenge. Gif: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

1st October 2021, Friday: Episode 10

Kesik’s death leaves Kuzgun shattered. He vows to seek revenge when he finds out that the murderer is an assassin.

4th October 2021, Monday: Episode 11

Seref and his chauffeur are almost arriving with a perfectly laid plan to kill and destroy Rifat and his family. Meanwhile, Bora must make a tough moral decision regarding someone he cares about.

5th October 2021, Tuesday: Episode 12

Bora and his kin are left to deal with their dad’s death. Elsewhere, an inquisitive media personality cannot leave anyone alone, but her work is helping piece together the missing links

6th October 2021, Wednesday: Episode 13

Dila’s decision to revisit her childhood is likely to cause more complicated problems. Meryem takes her back to her past, where everything was set in motion, including the Kuzgun relationship.

7th October 2021, Thursday: Episode 14

Rifat gets a present that is likely to help him avoid serving time in prison. Bora is almost getting the person who killed his dad, but the situation may not end well.

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8th October 2021, Friday: Episode 15

Bora comes across important details regarding his father’s passing and starts acting uncontrollably as he targets his enemy’s loved ones. However, this game has no victors.

Voëlvry teasers
Dila is shattered when her dad is arrested. Gif: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

11th October 2021, Monday: Episode 16

Kuzgun learns a pricey lesson as he pays in family, friendship and patriotism. His mom fails to escape Bora’s revenge as Dila discovers the truth, and Dervis offers a way to escape.

12th October 2021, Tuesday: Episode 17

Kuzgun and Kumru fight like siblings as they continue looking for their missing mother. Kumru reprimands Kuzgun while Rifat gets a final offer from Dila.

13th October 2021, Wednesday: Episode 18

People are shocked when Dila reveals her real character in court. Later, Kumru accidentally lets out certain secrets.

14th October 2021, Thursday: Episode 19

Kumru is almost unravelling the truth regarding her dad’s communication with a mysterious acquaintance. Rifat feels that his son has acted against his wishes, but his son is also convinced that his dad is the betrayer, and the action begins.

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15th October 2021, Friday: Episode 20

Dila hands Kuzgun her belongings but on the condition that he has to go away. Sermin gives Bora the zeal to continue seeking revenge while Ali learns about Kuzgun’s brother with a position in the company.

Voëlvry teasers
Dila accepts to get married to Kuzgun, making her father unhappy. Gif: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

18th October 2021, Monday: Episode 21

Rifat’s arrest leaves the family devastated while Dila crumbles. Meanwhile, Rifat suspects Bora and Kuzgun are behind his misfortunes as he begs Dila to unearth the truth and ensure he is out of prison. Meryem’s visit to Dervis has mixed outcomes.

19th October 2021, Tuesday: Episode 22

Rifat has a hard time accepting that he is in prison as Dila comforts him with promises of getting out. Meanwhile, Kuzgun is pranked into eating his mom’s meal, and it sets him off.

20th October 2021, Wednesday: Episode 23

The day for Rifat to appear in court has arrived. Dila is doing all she can to ensure her dad is out of prison while Kuzgun and his kin are determined to obtain justice. Meanwhile, it looks like Bora is the next chosen one when Rifat is out of the picture.

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21st October 2021, Thursday: Episode 24

Dila is devastated when her family shuns her, and Kuzgun treats her with resentment when she confronts him. Later, Kuzgun goes to see Rifat in prison and does not try to hide anything.

22nd October 2021, Friday: Episode 25

Dila agrees to the invite as she goes to meet Dervis. However, the information makes people unhappy, especially Rifat, who does all he can to ensure his daughter receives a crucial message from prison. He wants his son to be the one to save the situation.

Voëlvry teasers
Rifat is counting on Dila and Ali to help him out of jail. Gif: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

25th October 2021, Monday: Episode 26

Kuzgun receives a tough task to tackle, but he does not comply, putting certain lives in danger. Meanwhile, Bora gets to link up with Behram Adivar while Kumru encounters her foes and gives him an ultimatum.

26th October 2021, Tuesday: Episode 27

Kuzgun demands that Dila becomes his wife as he holds Ali hostage. She accepts to marry him but only because Kudret persuades her. Elsewhere, Kartal gets praise from Ali.

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27th October 2021, Wednesday: Episode 28

Dila and Kuzgun carry out the unimaginable and have to persuade the entire family about one big lie. Cihan is caught in the middle of a war and almost dies, while Rifat does not acknowledge his daughter as his after her actions.

28th October 2021, Thursday: Episode 29

The day has arrived for Dila and Kuzgun, and they are faced with the challenging task of persuading the family that they love each other. Meanwhile, Fusun discovers that Kuzgun did not reveal the truth regarding his brother as she decides to join his enemy’s camp.

29th October 2021, Friday: Episode 30

Things look sad and depressing following Dila and Kuzgun’s wedding night as Kudret edges closer to the truth. Kartal disposes of the weapon used in the murder, while Kumru comes across details that acquit Kuzgun of being involved in the death of Seref.

Voëlvry teasers
Kuzgun and Kumru continue to search for their mother in the October premiere episodes. Gif: youtube.com, giphy.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

What happens to the Voëlvry cast?

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Voëlvry premiere episodes are characterized by feelings of revenge and betrayal. Kuzgun is ready to unleash the pain he has been harbouring for 20 years. Here is a recap of what will happen to some of the characters this October.


He feels betrayed by his son Ali, but Ali is also convinced that his dad has betrayed him. He is later arrested and is confident that Bora and Kuzgun are behind it. He wants his daughter Dila and Ali to help him out of jail. Does this mark the end of his reign?


She revisits her past and recalls the relationship she had with Kuzgun. She is devastated when her dad Rifat is arrested and tries all she can to keep him out of jail. Later, she accepts to marry Kuzgun, making her father disown her.

Voëlvry Turkish telenovela promises to engage viewers with its thrilling crime-romance drama, and the above Voëlvry teasers are proof of this. Can Dila manage to soften Kuzgun’s heart? The show’s premiere episodes air on eExtra from Mondays to Fridays at 9.30 p.m.

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