New! Dokter Ali Teasers for October 2021: Dr Ferman's frustration mounts

New! Dokter Ali Teasers for October 2021: Dr Ferman's frustration mounts

The new Dokter Ali Turkish series comes with loads of emotions. However, it is a series that promises to entertain and educate its viewers about the importance of dedication to a dream no matter the obstacles in the way. The Dokter Ali teasers for October 2021 give you an idea of what to expect from an autistic patient who overcomes his conditions to become a successful surgeon.

Dokter Ali Teasers
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Ali's father rejected him at birth because he was autistic. The poor boy grew up in different orphanages and foster homes; he strives to achieve academic feats by obtaining a medical degree in a University. Ali is now a resident assistant surgeon at a popular hospital, and he is eager to settle into this role. The Dokter Ali teasers for October offer a useful preview of the young surgeon's struggles to understand his patients and colleagues.

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Dokter Ali teasers for October 2021

An autistic boy grows to become a surgeon, and you might wonder how he will cope in this position. You can find answers by watching the upcoming episodes of this Turkish drama, but first, whet your curiosity with a douse of the show as Dokter Ali's series cast members entertain you in the best dramatic way.

Episode 1 - Friday, 15th of October, 2021

A boy is rescued from the cold grips of death by an autistic doctor at the airport. The viewers are introduced to other characters who play a vital role in the young doctor’s role as the new deputy surgeon.

Episode 2 - Monday, 18th of October, 2021

Ali’s dream of becoming a medical practitioner looks like a tall order that may never come to fruition. However, Nazli fails to control her emotions after getting personal with a patient, and Dr Ferman steps in to save the day.

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Episode 3 - Tuesday, 19th of October, 2021

Dr Ali gets a warm welcome as a member of the freshly recruited deputy surgeons. However, it was not a great start, and Dr Ferman is on the edge with frustration.

Episode 4 - Wednesday, 20th of October, 2021

Ali courts trouble after taking charge of a fellow doctor’s patient and almost performs surgery on the kid. Again, Dr Ferman’s experience saves the day, but Dr Ali looks to be on his way out of practising medicine.

Episode 5 - Thursday, 21st of October, 2021

Everyone is getting frustrated by Ali’s insistence on making patients go through redundant tests; will Ali be vindicated? While Nazli is beginning to develop a mushy spot for Ali, Dr Ferman's dislike for the young surgeon deepens.

Dokter Ali Teasers
Nazli is beginning to develop a mushy spot for Ali. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 6 - Friday, 22nd of October, 2021

Ali receives the key to his residence, and he is double lucky as Nazli lives next to him. However, Dr Ferman changes his mind about asking Nazli to assist Ali; he insists that the young doctor must learn to be independent.

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Episode 7 - Monday, 25th of October, 2021

Ali attempts to assist a patient who does not want a procedure done. However, Dr Ferman must face the truth about his occasional failure.

Episode 8 - Tuesday, 26th of October, 2021

Kivilcim bugs Ali and tries to deceive him into believing that he is unwanted at the clinic. Elsewhere, Adil is on the verge of getting through Ferman when Ali foils everything. Meanwhile, the team finds a way to perform surgery on Burcu’s child.

Episode 9 - Wednesday, 27th of October, 2021

Ali is angry when he overhears a discussion, while Ferman affirms that anything can be done. Nevertheless, Nazli and Ali are tasked with an almost impossible duty while Beliz hopes on a fresh investor.

Episode 10 - Thursday, 28th of October, 2021

Mushin’s liver must be delivered to the hospital quickly, but fate seems to be against all efforts put into that endeavour. Tanju allows his ego to get the better of him. How will this affect his patient and, ultimately, his career?

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Dokter Ali Teasers
Doctors are amazed at what little Ali does as a child. GIF: youtube, (modified by author)
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Episode 11 - Friday, 30th of October, 2021

Dr Ferman’s relationship with Beliz is tense when he attempts to get Mushin’s liver delivered to him. Meanwhile, Nazli gets to know why Nazli started acting cold towards her, and she attempts to reconcile their differences.

Dr Ali

Ali is a young man whose dream has always been about becoming a surgeon. However, he is autistic, and the peculiarities that come with this condition threaten the realisation of his dream. He is part of the new assistant surgeons at a hospital, and his first few experiences are horrific.

Dr Ferman

Dr Ferman is a senior surgeon with great experience and skill; he is always at hand to guide the younger and new surgeons. However, when an autistic assistant surgeon is placed under his care, he gets agitated about the errors of the young doctor to the point of frustration. Will he get to understand his new protégée, or will his irritation get the better of him?

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Dokter Ali teasers for October 2021 episodes are the first set of insights that will help you understand what this new Turkish series is all about. The drama will begin to air from the middle of October on the eExtra channel. So, do not miss out as the episodes broadcast from Mondays to Fridays at 20h30.

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