Serial killer zodiac signs: Star signs most likely linked to serial killers

Serial killer zodiac signs: Star signs most likely linked to serial killers

Spooky season is here, and people can finally flaunt their love for all things ghosts and ghoulish without the fear of being judged. While some might be comfortable watching scary content with Hocus Pocus, others prefer burying themselves in more sinister content like murder and serial killers. So, deciphering details of serial killer zodiac signs might be the ideal way of feeding your obsession.

Serial killer zodiac signs
Are serial killers Leos? Find out in this article that lists the star signs most likely linked to serial killers. Photo: @Starlight Astrology
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Armchair detectives and psychologists have tried to decode the thought process of the most infamous serial killers, hoping to understand what led them to commit their crimes. While most are left with numerous questions and curious minds, astrology attempts to provide possible answers. What are the odds that serial killer zodiac signs influenced their actions?

Serial killer zodiac signs

Which zodiac signs are most killers? In astrology, modality subdivides the 12 horoscopes into three groups. The four modalities determine whether the signs are cardinal, mutable or fixed. Each one of the modalities has distinct personalities.

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Mutable signs include Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo and Gemini. These signs fall at the end of a season. For instance, Pisces is at the end of winter, Virgo at the end of summer, Gemini at the end of spring and Sagittarius at the end of fall depending on where you are in the world.

In 2008, Dr Jan Ruise, a Dutch statistician, perceived that serial killers are born when celestial factors are in mutable signs. He made the assumption after reviewing the birth charts of more than 300 serial killers.

Which zodiac sign is most likely to be a serial killer?

What zodiac sign are psychopaths? Going by Dr. Jan Ruise's theory, you might be curious to know the specific character traits of mutable signs. Some of the general characteristics include frantic indecisiveness and uncanny adaptiveness.

People born within the mutable signs exhibit characteristics such as frequently changing throughout their lives. However, each mutable sign has other distinguishing features.

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Geminis are symbolized by twins known for having multiple sides and personalities. While they might exhibit a charming outer persona, they tend to have a darker and disturbed inner one.


Sagittarians are known to be more charismatic and thrive on adventure. They are also thrill-seeking and are more likely to take a chance on engaging in a heinous act. Sagittarians are generally impulsive and spontaneous and, in most cases, do not think things through their decisions and actions.


What zodiac sign would be a killer? Virgos are systematic and meticulous; they live for patterns and routines. These infamous criminals are known to follow predictable patterns and characteristics. Virgos are also good at cleaning up their mess.


Pisces are empathetic, and one might argue that empathy is not a murderer's virtue. However, empathy could backfire. Since they can feel collective pain, they tend to get overwhelmed and turn away inward to cope with situations.

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Serial killers zodiac signs statistics

A round-up of some of America's most notorious serial killers supports the theory. This list backs up Dr. Jan Ruise's assumption.

Gemini serial killers

Jeffrey Dahmer's zodiac
Samuel Little, the infamous American serial killer. Photo:
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According to records, the following are some of the most notorious serial killers whose zodiac sign is Gemini:

  • Samuel Little
  • Jeffrey Dahmer
  • Robert Lee Yates
  • Elizabeth Wettlaufer
  • Lorenzo Gilyard
  • Andrew Urdiales
  • David Berkowitz

Virgo serial killers

What serial killer is a Virgo? According to records, most of America's notorious serial killers whose Zodiac sign is Virgo include:

  • Andrew Cunanan
  • “Boston Strangler” Albert DeSalvo
  • Ed Gein
  • Rodney Alcala

Pisces serial killers

Notable murderers whose zodiac sign is Pisces include:

  • John Wayne Gacy
  • Richard “the Night Stalker” Ramirez
  • “BTK” Dennis Rader
  • Randy Kraft (Pisces)
  • Aileen Wuornos

Sagittarius serial killers

Ted Bundy's zodiac sign
Ted Bundy, the infamous American serial killer. Photo: @Thee New Criminal Justices
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Infamous Sagittarius serial killers include:

  • Ted Bundy
  • "Interstate Killer" Larry Eyler
  • Rosemary West
  • Dennis Nilsen
  • Billy Chemirmir
  • Thierry Paulin
  • Larry DeWayne Hall

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Dr Jan Ruise also discovered that the frequency of planets in the 12th house is significantly high in astrology. In astrology, your birth chart is further divided into 12 sectors referred to as houses. The houses represent different aspects of your life. Your Sun sign is determined by the date you were born, while the time you were born determines the house you belong to.

The 12th house is, in most cases, called the "house of the unseen." It rules mental health, intuition, spiritual health and mysticism. Other studies have found that by comparing these serial killers' birth charts, patterns emerge. For instance, Ted Bundy, Cunanan, Kraft and Ramirez share three critical aspects in their charts; Mercury, Pluto and a Rising sign.

A Mercury connection enhances the necessary skill to lure and kill new victims, while Pluto causes a weird fixation with death. When any planet forms any aspect to your Rising sign, it is likely to amplify that facet of your personality.

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For instance, Ted Bundy has a Venus in Scorpio, forming a troubling square to his Leo Rising. When Venus, which is known to be the planet of love, forms such an unforgiving aspect, one is likely to struggle with self-worth.

What Zodiac sign are serial killers?

Of course, not all serial killers you know are members of the mutable sign. Every Zodiac sign claims at least one serial killer. Other studies claim that a disproportionate number of them are Capricorns (Freeway Killer, the Sorcerer), Tauruses ( David Copeland, H.H Holmes) and Aquariuses (Luis Alfred Garavito, Robert Hansen).

Birth charts are not the only intersection of true crime and astrology. Some forensic astrologers try to decode these murders by observing the cosmos' last-seen charts and event charts on the day of the murder.

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The list of the most famous serial killers reveals the shocking details about the crimes by the infamous serial killers. The list also compiles their zodiac signs. The most dominant horoscope will shock you.

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