Actress Thishiwe Ziqubu speaks up: Who decided God said only men & women can love each other?

Actress Thishiwe Ziqubu speaks up: Who decided God said only men & women can love each other?

Never hiding the fact that she is gay, actress Thishiwe Ziqubu has always been open about her love for her partner, Mandisa Nduna. People that discriminate against her because she is different, makes her blood boil.

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As a guest on Trending SA, Thishiwe spoke out about feelings towards people that pretended to speak for God in determining who can and can’t love each other.

"It is disgusting how people feel that it is okay to take from someone, to rob them, to r#pe them, to attack them or even spew hate speech because they differ from you. Who gave you the right? Who gave you the right to decide that God, people like to put God in these things, said only a man and woman can love each other?"

To overcome hate, Thishiwe said that love was the only way. She saw it as her calling to educate people.

"Everyone has their own calling. I make films. I make films to educate about things."

Thishiiwe does not believe there is any reason for others celebrating her “coming out”. Her view is that it is something that has been developed by straight people to make themselves feel comfortable.

"Coming out as a concept is very homophobic in itself. Hetrosexual people don't come out. Nobody has ever had to say; 'Ma, I'm straight'. So, why is it that if I love women I have to say; 'Ma, I'm gay.' It is just to make straight people comfortable. I have never had to come out. I have just lived as myself."

Speaking about their relationship on TshisaLIVE, both Thishiwe and Mandisa said the refuse to hide who they are from others.

"By hiding who we are as people in the LGBTI community, we give homophobic people more 'power' over us. Of course we live in a world where just by existing as a woman, your life is endangered but we believe the trick is to live and love just as we are meant to do. How is it your life when you live it for other people," they said.

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