Loli's Luck! teasers for November 2021: Loli resigns from Global Radio

Loli's Luck! teasers for November 2021: Loli resigns from Global Radio

Loli decides to resign from Global Radio and later gets an offer for her dream job. She moves to Miami to start working, but the children reveal that they do not want to live with their uncle. Will she quit her dream job for the sake of her family? Keep reading the following Loli's Luck! teasers to find out how the drama unfolds.

Loli's Luck! teasers
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Nicky finds out that Octavio is not his biological father and is upset when he discovers his real dad. Elsewhere, Paulina is determined to seek revenge against Loli, and she is later made the company's new president.

Loli's Luck! teasers for November 2021

Loli's Luck! on Telemundo has a unique and captivating storyline that keeps viewers locked to the family show. The drama in November episodes has numerous unforeseen twists. Roxy moves in with Cesar after his wife accuses her of stealing her husband. Here are Loli's Luck! teasers for more on what is coming up.

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Loli's Luck! teasers
Cesar's wife accuses Roxy of stealing her husband in front of everyone at the radio station. Gif:, (modified by author)
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1st November 2021, Monday

Jessi tells Paulina that she will try to set aside the differences she has with Vicente. Loli is shocked when Salvador is hired again at the radio station.

2nd November 2021, Tuesday

Sam discusses her dreadful experience with Gabriel. Elsewhere, the application made by Octavio to become a foster parent is not accepted.

3rd November 2021, Wednesday

Salvador attempts to kiss Loli, but she hits him before he can do it. Rafael ruins the programme that Salvador is supposed to follow while Adonis goes to Paulina's residence.

4th November 2021, Thursday

The wife of Cesar blames Roxy for stealing her spouse as everyone at the radio station looks on. Elsewhere, Paulina reveals to Adam that she is making attempts to put her life back in order.

5th November 2021, Friday

Karen is convinced that Rafael is the right person to become president of the radio station as she insists that he should fight for the position. Meanwhile, Loli and Salvador have vanished, and no one knows where they went.

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6th November 2021, Saturday

Roxy reveals to Rafael that she understands the feeling he has for Loli, but he tries to deny it. On the other hand, Melissa and Bruno receive great news.

7th November 2021, Sunday

Roxy attempts to seek an apology from Cesar. Will he forgive her? Karen decides to go to Vicente's residence but does not know that she is being followed by Rafael. Elsewhere, Sam is rushed to a medical facility after losing consciousness.

Loli's Luck! teasers
Nicky discovers that Octavio is not his real dad. Gif:, (modified by author)
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8th November 2021, Monday

Rafael informs Loli that he has ended his relationship with Karen. Cesar reveals to Roxy that he has plans of living with her, and she accepts.

9th November 2021, Tuesday

Paulina makes preparations for Sam's fundraiser while Octavio informs his parents that they should stop trying to locate him. Meanwhile, Loli is grateful to Rafael for helping to locate Sam's dad.

10th November 2021, Wednesday

Nicky learns in the worst manner that Octavio is not his real father. On the other hand, Octavio receives certain information regarding his dad.

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11th November 2021, Thursday

During a meeting, Loli gives Rafael a kiss without thinking. Upon realizing her mistake, she seeks his apology and departs the meeting. Elsewhere, Salvador asks Nicky to forgive him.

12th November 2021, Friday

Rafael makes a confession that leaves Loli speechless, and Salvador comes in before they can finish their conversation. Elsewhere, Cesar is contacted by Roxy.

13th November 2021, Saturday

Loli wants Rafael to explain why he never revealed to her that the festival is being sponsored by Paulina. Arturo receives a certain confession from Matias.

14th November 2021, Sunday

A confession from Don Rogelio leaves Rafael speechless. On the other hand, Bruno has no plans of revealing the truth to his wife and daughter.

Loli's Luck! teasers
Vicente refuses to believe that Loli is his sister. Gif:, (modified by author)
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15th November 2021, Monday

Rafael is accosted by Loli about not trying to hide crucial information from her. Meanwhile, Vicente finds it hard to believe that he is Loli's actual brother.

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16th November 2021, Tuesday

Rafael, Matias and Roxy discover through a message that Loli has quit working for the radio station. Elsewhere, Nora decides to end things with Don Rogelio.

17th November 2021, Wednesday

Vicente's attempts to manipulate Loli do not work, and he later starts seeking her forgiveness. Rafael accosts Apolo.

18th November 2021, Thursday

The psychiatric report for Don Rogelio is made known to the public by the media. He and Rafael are convinced beyond any doubt that all evidence points to Vicente.

19th November 2021, Friday

Paulina seeks Angie's help in making Loli pay for what she did. Elsewhere, Dulce persuades Roxy not to reveal to Cesar that she is expectant.

20th November 2021, Saturday

Paulina is determined to get Loli in trouble as she reveals to Berta, the social worker, bad things about her. On the other hand, the case of Raúl Acuña is opened again.

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21st November 2021, Sunday

Vicente makes it known that Global Radio and Nova Radio will be merging. He also reveals that Paulina is going to take over the president position in the company.

Loli's Luck! teasers
Paulina asks Angie to help her seek revenge on Loli. Gif:, (modified by author)
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22nd November 2021, Monday

Rafael wakes up troubled after having a nightmare about the death of his parents. Meanwhile, the fundraiser for Sam is underway, and Leo seizes the chance to give Loli a kiss.

23rd November 2021, Tuesday

Loli does not accept the advances made by Leo while the fundraising event happens without a hitch. Elsewhere, the wife of Raúl Acuña is not willing to help him with the case that he is facing.

24th November 2021, Wednesday

Paulina is yet to stop her antics of trying to destroy Loli. She hands the social worker Rafael and Loli's sex tape. Meanwhile, Rafael organizes a protest to seek the release of Acuña.

25th November 2021, Thursday

Nicky is not happy when he learns about his biological dad. He decides to join the protesters and later releases an emotional statement to the media.

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26th November 2021, Friday

Octavio makes up his mind to go back to Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Loli accosts Bruno after learning about his attempts to win the custody of the kids.

27th November 2021, Saturday

Sam discovers that she and her brother are now millionaires. Cesar and Roxy are accompanied by Thomas as they go for a walk.

28th November 2021, Sunday

Loli finally receives an offer for her dream job, but it would mean that she has to relocate to Miami. She seeks advice from Rafael, who encourages her to seize the opportunity.

29th November 2021, Monday

Loli gets to Miami and later discovers that Nicky has been hospitalized. Berta goes to the medical facility to find out what is going on.

30th November 2021, Tuesday

Loli reveals to Rafael that she has taken the offer to work at the Hunky Bar. However, the children later reveal to Loli that they do not want to stay with their uncle.

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Loli's Luck! teasers
The kids tell Loli that they do not want to live with their uncle after she moves to Miami for work. Gif:, (modified by author)
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What happens to the Loli's Luck! cast?

There is a lot of action to expect in upcoming episodes of Loli's Luck! family drama on Telemundo. Many unexpected changes are about to occur at Global Radio, and they will have a huge impact on those working there. Here is a summary of what happens to the main characters in Loli's Luck! November episodes.


She is upset when she learns that Paulina is the sponsor of the festival, but Rafael never told her. She accosts him for failing to reveal important details. Loli later quits working for the radio station and gets an offer for her dream job. She moves to Miami to start working, but the children reveal that they do not want to live with their uncle. Will she return?


He sabotages Salvador's programme when he is rehired by the radio station. He then tries to deny his feelings for Loli when Roxy tells him about it and later reveals to Loli that he has ended things with Karen. He leads the protests for the release of Raúl Acuña after his case is reopened and later advises Loli to move to Miami and take her dream job.

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She organizes a fundraiser for Sam and later seeks help from Angie to seek revenge against Loli. She starts informing Berta, the social worker, disturbing details about Loli to get her in trouble. Vicente later announces that she is the new company president after Global Radio and Nova Radio merge.

Loli's Luck! telenovela has an amazing lineup of episodes this November, as seen from Loli's Luck! teasers above. When will Vicente accept that Loli is his sister? Ensure you follow the action on Telemundo from Mondays to Sundays at 10.00 p.m.

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