Open letter to YL's Maine: "An insult to the memory of Anton Lembede"

Open letter to YL's Maine: "An insult to the memory of Anton Lembede"

-Robert Mugabe Ngwenya is the chair of the villages, townships and small dorpies (VTSD) chamber of commerce in Bokone Bophirima

- Ngwenya claims he is an ANC member of good standing at Madibeng sub-region Ward 5

- His open letter to ANC youth league (ANCYL) leader, Collen 'Oros' Maine offers some harsh criticism

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The ANCYL leader was given the nickname, Oros, due to his physical appearance which is close to that of a mascot for a popular South African children's cordial. has often reported on his appearances at events which at times have seemed to indicate the ANCYL is at odds with it's parent body, the ANC.

However, it was his behaviour of late which an ANC member, Robert Mugabe Ngwenya, took exception to. In response he penned an open letter to the youth league leader.

Here are some of the main points from Ngwenya's missive.

Your timing was rotten

Your desperate attempt to portray yourself as a man who has reached a Damascus moment and to lobby for sympathy cannot be done next to the cold remains of a woman who protected comrades she hardly knew.

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Mama Winnie’s memory cannot be used to relieve what is contained in your oversized belly.

Pick your battles

Ngwenya suggests Maine apply his mind better when deciding what battles to fight. Accusing Maine of drawing other comrades into battles to preserve what he describes as Maine's "over-inflated view" of himself.

The advice Ngwenya offers Maime is to know his place. "People who know their place, know which fights to pick and which ones to sidestep," writes Ngwenya. "This equally applies to both the novice and the blind."

The ANC Youth League is a platform where young people express the universality of political ideas and thoughts and not a place where people express a public display or localisation of stupidity, political factional battles, chameleonic mastery and hunger for power.

Don't stray from the body politic

Ngwenya reminds Maine that the youth movement is at home when it works within the confines of its parent movement. "When we were brought up in the politics of the youth movement, we never thought to behave like domesticated animals," he explains. "When a domesticated animal is lost in its idle wandering, it is called a stray animal."

Ngwenya writes that people whose opinions run far from that of their own party can only be regarded as stray. "This applies to some people whose ideas can best be regarded as “stray”, given their misplaced location. That’s why you will hear such people speaking garbage with authority."

The mark of a fool

Next, Ngwenya calls Maine a fool and takes aim at his behaviour at the recent memorial service for Winnie Madikizela-Mandela.

If I recall, there is no university that has ever awarded a degree or diploma in howling. Your utterances at Mama Winnie’s memorial service in Potchefstroom are of a man many thought to be a fool until he opened his mouth and removed all doubt.

"Confessions" amount to political opportunism

Ngwenya says in his letter that Maine has taken opportunities of extreme opportunism to try to make himself look good, and in doing so at a memorial for a fallen struggle hero he insulted the memory of the woman he claimed to love.

Your rehearsed confession amounts to nothing but a mistaken imaginary howling qualification. You should know that a grasshopper must learn to crawl on its belly before it can fly. You must know that there is a difference between a political speech and a confessional in a Catholic church.

Ngwenya's harshest criticism is of the way Maine used the "platform where we celebrate and remember a life that never sold us out" to further his personal ambition.

Destroying others to elevate oneself

Ngwenya writes that Maine's "personal ambition" and your "incurable desire to destroy another comrade to make yourself feel better" shouldn't be associated with the youth league. "It is nothing but lumpen proletariat behaviour as defined by Karl Marx."

Let me remind you who is Comrade Supra. He is the chairperson of the North West province, the premier who championed the radical economic transformation agenda that has made black businesses benefit in the economy of the province.

Ngwenya pointes to the establishment of the Villages, Townships and Small Dorpies (VTSD) programme saying it has been an effective vehicle to fighting poverty, yet are examples of the work that Maine refuses to acknowledge.

Most empty president the ANCYL has ever had

Calling Maine "an insult to the memory of Anton Lembede and those who came after him," Ngwenya demands that the true benefits Maine has accrued be confessed.

What you should be telling us is your benefits from these relations. Today, as you walk into your R5 million house, remember that you are and have been the most empty president the youth league of the ANC has ever had.

Mama has given a signal

Finally, Ngwenya, alluding to the speech made by EFF leader, Julius Malema who was himself once an ANCYL leader, says "Mama, finally the signal we have been waiting for has finally been availed to us."

When the youth league president was supposed to take the podium, he was instead sent to go fetch ice for the VIP. Young people must unite and save the confidence in the ANC Youth League, and defeat the divisive posture of this amoeba.

What are your opinions on Maine? Do you feel Ngwenya was being unfair to him, or was his open letter on point.

As of writing Maine hasn't issued a rebuttal to this open letter.

What do you expect his response to be?

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