After losing her husband at 25 and raising 3 sons alone, woman finds love again at 50

After losing her husband at 25 and raising 3 sons alone, woman finds love again at 50

- Komola's husband passed away when she was 25 years old

- They had 3 sons, whom she then had to raise alone

- 25 years later, she found love again despite opposition from her sons

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A Bangladeshi woman has shared how she finally found love again 25 years after losing her husband.

World renowned photographer, GMB Akash, shared Komola's incredible story on his Facebook page, gathered.

Komola recalled how she had to sell her only pair of gold bangles just to cover the costs of her husband's funeral.

Komola's husband left her with three sons, whom she had to raise all alone. Over the next 20 years, she sold bread and eggs on the streets to feed her kids and pay for their education.

The dedicated mom was finally able to start her own restaurant. With her income, she bought land for her sons, built them houses, and made sure they married well.

However, the lack of companionship through all those years greatly troubled her. She wrote:

There was nobody to love. Nobody to talk to during my loneliness or during bad times. I was always alone!

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Komola eventually noticed a day labourer who frequented her restaurant and showed interest in her. He even began helping her out with minor chores.

Despite developing feelings for him, Komola was hesitant to take it further because she feared what people, especially her sons, would say. The man eventually proposed, but her sons rejected the idea:

My sons humiliated him so badly physically and mentally that I couldn’t bear it anymore and begged him to leave our village. He listened to me and left.
Then my sons started behaving really badly with me. They sent me out from their house. They forgot what I did for them. They took all the money I had with me.

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Fortunately, the man didn't give up on her and proposed again. This time, they got married and have been together for five years now. They run their restaurant together. Komola said:

In fact, he works more than I do. He always told me, 'I came into your life to give you happiness.'
People laugh at me for being married again at the age of 50. Sometimes they mock me, tease me and say a lot of bad things. But you know what? I don’t care. I don’t care anymore!

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