Proudly South African: A teen’s hot sauce is so good, it's hot stuff

Proudly South African: A teen’s hot sauce is so good, it's hot stuff

- When Daniel Herbst started bottling his own homemade chilli sauce to sell for pocket money, he didn’t expect it to be such a hit

- The 18-year-old proves it’s all about the idea and not the age

- Daniel’s home-grown business is now creating job opportunities for others

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Every teenager believes they need cash and so we often see teens out and about looking for part-time jobs. Eighteen-year-old Daniel Herbst is no different, but when he looked for income opportunities he took a different path.

After chatting with his dad, Daniel decided to grow chillies in order to make his own home-made chilli sauce. His inspiration for this came from a bottle of chilli sauce he was given by a barman at a local restaurant many years before.

With the support of his dad, the sky was really the limit for young Daniel and he set off on his entrepreneurial journey.

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With his sauce bottled he began to sell. Within the first two months, he had sold over 1400 units of his sauce, name CHILL-BRU. This was a sure sign he was on the path to success.

Daniel’s small idea for some pocket money has seen the young tycoon securing a deal with Liquor City Head Office to supply all their stores with his sauce. He is now an eighteen-year-old with a client base of 34 happy customers.

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