Giant rock python caught by brave man near a school in Dududu

Giant rock python caught by brave man near a school in Dududu

- A Park Rynie officer has managed to capture a rock python that was hiding in a tree close to a local school

- The children were scared of the massive snake, but no-one got hurt

- Tim Simpson captured the snake before the community could get scared enough to try and kill it

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On Wednesday reports of a giant snake on the loose reached the Dududu police station. The snake was on a footpath that the local children usually use to get to and from school.

Tim Simpson of the Park Rynie Road Traffic Inspectorate is a well-known snake catcher and he was promptly called in to catch the snake.


The snake had slithered into a big tree and Simpson wasted no time getting into the tree himself.

After two hours he managed to get the 3-foot snake out of the tree without harming it. The snake was said to be aggressive, so capturing it was no small feat. Fortunately, Simpson knew what he was doing.

In order to soothe the snake, Simpson had to cover its eyes with a towel because darkness helps to calm snakes and makes them feel less threatened.

Simpson shared this good advice on snakes: “Should people come across snakes, the best thing to do is not to make any sudden movements, rather just walk away and don’t interfere,”

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He also explained how pythons like this one usually have teeth that grow backwards that help them grip their prey better by digging into the body in case the unfortunate creature should try to escape.

The snake was safely kept in captivity and released to a professional snake handler, Pat McKrill.

Simpson was very relieved that he could catch the snake. He said, “I’m glad I managed to get this catch, because this snake would have been dead by now had the community got to it before I did. Also, it was in the way of schoolchildren so there’s peace of mind, knowing that anyone who uses that pathway is now safer,”.

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