A South African activist group fights to debunk white genocide myths

A South African activist group fights to debunk white genocide myths

- A group of South Africans are standing up to set the record straight on white genocide claims

- They are addressing facts that are being used to misguide the world

- There has already been attempts to shut down this new Facebook page

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The page causing a stir on Facebook is called Busting the Myth of White Genocide in SA, and that is exactly what they want to be doing.

The organized group behind this new Facebook page, an anonymous group simply known as The Geoffs, want the world to know the real truth. They want to get misconceptions out of the way and only the facts to be seen.

The main aim of this page is to end rumors about white people being slaughtered, raped and their land pillaged - rumors that aren't always backed by facts.

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The group wants the world to know that there is no "organized war on whites" in South Africa.

Followers from around the world are supporting the page and agree that the facts should be what is shared, not propaganda and ill-conceived ideas and rumors.

The group do internet searches and then they debunk fake photos, videos, documents and social media news that are fraudulent.

“If these lies are allowed to spread unchecked in international media, the consequences could be devastating. We do not stand for it. We will call it out at every turn.”

The data used by the group is gathered from sources like Stats SA, Transvaal Agricultural Union, AgriSA, AfriForum and the SAPS. With this data The Geoffs can show how the news that is being spread are modified and skewed to fit into specific narratives.

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The Geoffs have stated the simple reasons for starting the page: They “love South Africa, our people, cultures and diversity of our nation”.

They have also said, “The white genocide narrative is a dangerous and divisive myth steadily gaining traction internationally. It’s a rehashing of ‘Swart Gevaar’ fear-mongering. The implication is not just that white people are facing genocide, but that black South Africans are the perpetrators in some kind of vast, government-sanctioned conspiracy."

“This is nothing but a white-supremacist lie with a very particular racist, power-driven agenda behind it. We are tired of how this myth has been perpetuated and of the sheer scale of its dissemination – not just of the fear and paranoia it creates within white South Africans’ hearts, but the hatred that it brews too.”

Since the inception of the page, The Geoffs have received threats, but they won't be deterred by bullies like that. However, they will stay anonymous for the safety and privacy of their families and friends.

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The group consists of a wide variety of young activists - artists, researchers and architects who do have friends and families that live on farms in South Africa. They want to provide an honest place where accurate and factual information can be shared.

“We are here to arm you with facts. What we are not saying is that farmers and farm workers do not die from violent crimes. We are aware of that reality. We are not here to erase the trauma and tragedy. No one should suffer a violent crime.”

They believe that crime is a serious reality that affects all South Africans, but that the white genocide propaganda is not the way to go. They want all South Africans to stand united, not divided by color.

The Geoffs actively monitor several right-wing groups on Facebook that regularly calls for the “wiping out” of black people, as well as for the creation of ethno-states for whites.

“They [right-wing groups] are building followings at astronomical rates, up to tens of thousands. They also use the ‘white genocide’ myth to gather recruits for civilian militias like the Kommandokorps and Boerelegioen.”

The group has already reported several Facebook pages to the authorities. These pages were where white nationalists planned terror attacks, “with a degree of seriousness that chilled us all to the bone”.

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