Skolopad is game for polygamy: I would be the trophy wife

Skolopad is game for polygamy: I would be the trophy wife

- Entertainment personality Skolopad is on the prowl for a married man

- She says that her cervical cancer has stopped her from having children so she sees nothing wrong in taking on the role of trophy wife

- Skolopad is keen on the idea of a polygamist relationship as she wouldn't mind gaining sisters and sharing responsibilities

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Skolopad is all about that extra life. She is an entertainer who is always doing something unpredictable and darting. This time, she is looking for a bea.

Skolopad, whose real name is Nonhlanhla Qwabe, told Daily Sun that she has been single for long enough now and is ready to find herself a man. However, she is not just looking for any man, she specifically wants a married one.

“I really wouldn’t mind having a man in my life but he should be a married man.”

Her ideal man would be tall, dark, have lots of money and apparently be married.

Not too long ago covered a story on Solopad’s cervical cancer, Skolopad: Cancer stopped me from having a child, where it was found that she was unable to have children.

Skolpad is already a mom, to a 17-year-old daughter, but she wanted to get married and have more kids, before the cancer.

She says that this is her reasoning for wanting a married man as he will already have children or have a female that is able to give him one.

“I had cervical cancer which means I can’t have kids. That’s why I want someone who is married and already has kids.”

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Skolopad is all for that sister wives life. She thinks that it is a wonderful idea and that she has something to add wither her flaunty looks and party skills, by taking on the role of the trophy wife.

“What I’ve seen is that if you are in a polygamous relationship, you find new sisters.”

“If one sister can’t do something, the other sister does it.”

“As for me, I would help by being the trophy wife to go with the husband to special events.”

Despite her outrageous and crazy life-style, Skolopad is looking for a man that will accept her for who she is as she refuses to be anything but what she is.

“I wouldn’t change who I am for anyone. If he loved me, he should love me as I am.”

So married men, if you are looking for an outgoing trophy wife to add to your collection, Skolopad is your girl.

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