Kallie Kriel: The man behind the controversial remark "apartheid is not a crime against humanity"

Kallie Kriel: The man behind the controversial remark "apartheid is not a crime against humanity"

- In a radio interview on Monday AfriForum CEO Kallie Kriel stated that "apartheid is not a crime against humanity"

- The remark sparked a heated response from South Africans all across the country

- Kriel claims that only 700 people were killed during apartheid but cannot prove his claim

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On Monday Kallie Kriel enraged South Africans by claiming that apartheid should not be considered a crime against humanity.

According to Kriel not enough people died during apartheid for it to be classified as such.

Kriel said these controversial words during a radio interview on Radio 702. He was interviewed by Eusebius McKaiser.

McKaiser asked Kriel what his view is on apartheid when the now infamous words were uttered.

Upset with Kriel's reply to his question, McKaiser turned to social media to show his disgust.

Not long after, social media was set on fire in response to Kriel's words:

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However, there are those that agree with Kriel:

Some feel that people are reacting too quickly and should look at the context in which Kriel made his remark:

Kriel tried to get out of the hot water by contacting the media to explain his reasoning behind his remark.

He asked me for my views on apartheid and I stated that we do not justify apartheid. We believed that the system infringed on the dignity of people on the basis of race.
Apartheid was wrong.
We do not beat around the bush about that. What I said to Eusebius is that a crime against humanity is the gassing of six million Jews in gas chambers. In my view, you cannot equate that to the 700 people that were killed by the security police during apartheid.
It was wrong to infringe on the rights of the people... [but this] cannot be equated to (Adolf) Hitler or communism. That equation cannot be made. You cannot equate crimes against humanity with apartheid.
There was not a mass killing of people.

Kriel cannot give prove to back his claim that only 700 people died during the apartheid regime.


Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, the EFF spokesman, says AfriForum is unreliable and should be ignored.

AfriForum knows they are lying. So the question is why would they say such ridiculous things? It is because they hope media will spread this very lie for them.

According to Athol Trollip, DA federal chairman, Kriel's statements were inaccurate.

The DA believes that apartheid was a real travesty in every single respect … nobody in their right mind can say apartheid was not a travesty. I believe it was.

The UN has declared apartheid a crime against humanity and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission agreed. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission investigated any politically motivated human rights violations that happened between 1960 and 1994.


Who is the man who said these words? Is he really ignorant and blind to the mistakes of the past or did he just blunder with words, as humans often do?

Kallie Kriel was born in Johannesburg, he is now the CEO of AfriForum, a civil rights organisation. AfriForum has ties to the Solidarity trade union. He is a father and husband.

AfriForum was established in 2006, and stated that it's aim to encourage Afrikaners (and other minority groups) to be actively involved in the country's matters.

AfriForum claims to want racial balance in South Africa.

True democracy needs alternative voices in order to succeed. While we aren’t a political party, we give alternative ideas and suggestions, where applicable, to the government stance.
Our central goal is to provide real hope for the future; that people can lobby or make a difference within the new South Africa without resorting to extremism, losing hope and leaving or just conforming because they don’t know what else to do.
Ours is a beautiful country with potential which needs not be abandoned to fate. People can take the future into their own hands and create a better society for all South Africans.


Kriel got his BA degree at the University of Pretoria and eventually got a master's degree in political geography, also at the University of Pretoria.

Before joining AfriForum, Kriel was a teacher in Centurion after which he got involved with the organisation trade union Solidarity.

In 2010 Kriel was a member of the Dinokeng Scenario team - put together to look at South Africa's future possibilities.

Given these facts, Kriel is considered an intelligent leader with knowledge of the history of South Africa.

That is why people were so shocked by his claims on Monday. People think it sounds like he doesn't realise the effects that apartheid had on those who suffered under it.

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