Durban launches the first medicinal cannabis dispensary on the continent

Durban launches the first medicinal cannabis dispensary on the continent

- Durban North has the first medicinal cannabis dispensary on the African continent

- Kirithi Thaver says that the dispensary is a benchmark for soon to be legalised cannabis

- You cannot bug weed buds at the dispensary, it is all done on a prescription basis

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The first medicinal cannabis dispensary in Africa is now located in Durban North.

Founder of Canna Culture and chair of the KZN branch of the Cannabis Development, Krithi Thaver, said their aim of the dispensary is to set a benchmark for soon to be legalised cannabis.

“Our treatment regimens combine traditional medical practices in chiropractics, physiotherapy, diseases and illnesses (acute and chronic) to treat the whole body. The practitioners at this centre are all medical professionals who have thoroughly researched the extensive medical uses of cannabis and have enthusiastically embraced its potential benefits.”

A prescription of different strengths and strains of oils infused with cannabis and ayurvedic ingredients will be prescibed to patients by a doctor, chiropractor or traditional healer, depending on their individual requirements.

The diagnosis exam is taken very seriously and therefore only five patients will be scheduled at the same time by the practitioners.

Studies show that cannabis can be used safely and that it has great medicinal benefits, learnt. There is almost zero negative side effects to medicinal weed. Benefits such as pain management, anxiety control and reduction in swelling can be seen from its use.

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“The global consensus is growing that the hemp crop is in fact a ‘miracle’ plant and we are immensely pleased to be able to finally offer this ‘miracle’ to Durban,” said Thaver.

The dagga dispensary is the first on the African continent, reported News 24.

Thaver said that the dispensary has has called upon the KZN’s health administrators and legal enforcers to attend the official grand opening.

Patients will need to be referred as long as possession of any part of the indigenous dagga plant remains illegal.

“Marley coffee” and edibles will be available to purchase at the cafe area in the center.

The grand opening date has not been confirmed as of yet, but there is great excitement around it already. What a time to be alive.

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