Now there’s a tool to help you hear both Yanny and Laurel

Now there’s a tool to help you hear both Yanny and Laurel

- The internet erupted recently with a clip where some heard “Yanny” and some heard “Laurel”

- The original clip was posted by high school children who say they got the clip from a vocabulary website playing through the speakers of a computer

- An online tool has been created to help listeners to hear both “Yanny” and “Laurel”

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Every now and then there is a video, a sound clip, or a post that causes a stir in the online community along with heated debate into what it really depicts.

The latest one is the “Yanny/Laurel” sound clip that has had internet users arguing over what is actually being said.

Some hear “Yanny” and some hear “Laurel

This debate and the clarity of the word has been so hotly debated that a tool has not been created to help listeners to hear the actual word and then to play around with the clip to hear what others have been hearing. posted the tool with an explanation as to how it works.

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“One way to understand the dynamics at work is to look at a type of chart called a spectrogram — a way to visualize how the strength of different sound frequencies varies over time. The spectrograms above show that the word “laurel” is strongest in lower frequencies, while a simulated version of the word “yanny” is stronger in higher frequencies. The audio clip shows a mixture of both.

By using the slider to manipulate which frequencies are emphasized, it makes one word or the other more prominent.” tried it out and we were amazed at the results.

Another article that caused a chuckle was The singing, laughing and dancing president: 5 of Zuma's funniest moments.

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In this article:

- Jacob Zuma has made us laugh at various times during his presidency

- He has had his fair share of laughter as well

- The following 5 examples remind us why we call him the laughing president Jacob

Zuma's presidency cannot be described as uneventful, as he leaves his position as ANC president we take a look back at some of his more memorable moments. Sometimes he was laughing, sometimes we were laughing either with or at Zuma.

Here are the 5 moments has chosen with the help of

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Ah, African proverbs. Such a vast selection of meanings. A wonderful cultural study. Many of us were taught proverbs before we could even talk properly. Which basically means our elders, parents, uncles and aunties are always finding ways to scold us with a suitable proverb. Some are hilarious and witty, some are more cryptic. All of them remain relevant today and teach us about our heritage. Today, we’ll Explore the Meaning of Unique African Proverbs.


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