5 Objectives that president Ramaphosa should focus on

5 Objectives that president Ramaphosa should focus on

- Elections aren't too far off and Ramaphosa have a number of issues to focus on

- Corrupt state institutions and land appropriation should be discussed by the president

- The mining sector and the president's Cabinet needs to be transformed

- In-house battles at the ANC needs to be put to a stop

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It has only been 3 months since Cyril Ramaphosa took over as leader of South Africa, but already he has managed to achieve quite a lot.

In February Ramaphosa made a lot of bold promises and since he took the seat as President of South Africa he has in fact been working at keeping his word.

President Ramaphosa started his presidency by making efforts to clean up the way matters are governed in the Cabinet as well as tackling corruption.

He has been actively looking closer at the state of South Africa's state institutions and is working at growing the South African economy.

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Some of the more obvious achievements made by president Ramaphosa include a new Transnet board, which will hopefully bring more stability to the organisation.

The first step towards restoring better running of the state-owned arms maker Denel was made when the CEO was booted and the board replaced.

The old, allegedly corrupt Eskom board has been replaced to prevent Eskom from completely ruining South Africa's economy.

Despite these steps in what will hopefully be in the right direction, the battle to create a strong, successful South Africa is only starting.

President Cyril Ramaphosa already has a loyal following in South Africa.


President Ramaphosa will have to keep in mind that the elections are next year as he focuses on the most urgent issues that South Africa faces now.

Five matters seem to be the most important problems that need to be addressed as soon as possible.


Internal wars are still rampant and causing damage to the ruling party. The party is split in its loyalty to old president Jacob Zuma and new leader Cyril Ramaphosa. President Ramaphosa is going to have to find a way to unite the ANC behind him if he wants the party to stand a winning chance next year.

The Mining Sector

Mining is one of our country's most important economic strengths and should be focused on closely. President Ramaphosa will have to find a way to keep the mining transformation that is going to happen from only benefiting a select few. Focus must be put on ensuring that grassroot communities also benefit from the mining transformation without negatively influencing the mining companies.


The Cabinet

President Ramaphosa had made a promise to look closer at the size of his Cabinet during his first state of the nation address. While some changes have been made, there is still heaps of work still to be done. This is, of course, a massive task and will take time.

State-owned Enterprises

South Africa's state-owned enterprises have been a rock tied around the country's economic growth. It has prevented actual growth by not showing profits or paying debts, and corruption is considered rampant in these enterprises. President Ramaphosa will have to find more ways than simply replacing managers and board members to take on this serious problem.

Land Expropriation

The land expropriation without compensation debate has been burning sky high in South Africa. It has led to heated arguments and many a ruffled feather. What president Ramaphosa needs to do about this fragile matter is explain in minute detail how land expropriation will be done, what land will be expropriated and how it will be handled so as to not affect the country's economy or food production.

Here president Ramaphosa discusses title deeds:

With these hefty issues weighing on president Ramaphosa's shoulders, he should be treading carefully as he attempts to lead South Africa to financial freedom and economic growth.

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