Is Maimane losing South Africa's support?

Is Maimane losing South Africa's support?

- DA leader Mmusi Maimane is often making headlines with his remarks

- South Africans don't always agree with the opinions of Maimane, and seem to be losing faith in him

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Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane has been at the helm for three years and at first people loved him as the charismatic and relatable leader who could change the country with his ideals and energetic positivity.

While the DA is in the news nearly every day - and not always for the good they've done - Maimane regularly gets into hot water with his statements or the the comments he makes on social media.

The Democratic Alliance is considered the ANC's main opposition, but if they keep disappointing the public, that may very well change before the upcoming elections.

Things are shifting for Maimane as more and more followers are losing their faith in him.

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The DA has been making headlines for scandalous reasons for a while now. Patricia De Lille's treatment has left many DA followers shocked and disappointed.

The internal battles of the DA are also causing followers to start to doubt if the DA will be able to make South Africa better or spend their time going for each other's throats. earlier reported that governments where the DA leads, particularly Cape Town and Johannesburg, have seen an increase in tension and public criticism.

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The Ashwin Willemse incident has people accusing Maimane of being rascist, not good for the DA's reputation.

According to the media it seemed that Maimane had decided that Botha and Mallett should carry the blame, when there wasn't much information about what had actually happened yet.

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According to another report by, tension between Maimane and ANC's Head of Elections Fikile Mbalula led to a clash on Twitter, another incident that hurt the DA's reputation and image.

Many of Maimane's followers believe that he would be better off with another political party. Some feel he will be better off with the EFF while others think he will accomplish more with the ANC.

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When looking at the public's reaction to Maimane's statements, he isn't as popular anymore.

The DA's leader is going to have to repair the image of the DA very effectively and very quickly if they want South Africans to vote for them in the 2019 elections.

While many South Africans feel that Maimane and the Democratic Alliance has let them down, Maimane still has followers who want to stand by him.

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The political heat is on and Maimane and the DA are going to have to work hard to regain the trust and faith of the followers they have lost.

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