Brave nursing student delivers baby on a pavement

Brave nursing student delivers baby on a pavement

- Mark Rogers and his fiancé Keshia Meintjies were casually buying medicine for their child when the unexpected happened, a lady went into labour in front of the pharmacy

- Keshia is a nursing student and her instinct kicked in and she managed to assist in delivering the healthy baby boy

- Even though she is not qualified to deliver babies just yet, her nursing school congratulated her as she acted selflessly in an emergency situation and delivered a healthy baby

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Purchasing medication for their 3 year old at the local pharmacy, Mark Rogers and his fiancé Keshia Meintjies, heard screams emanating from outside. With everyone inside the pharmacy not moving, Mark decided to go and investigate. Within seconds he was back requesting help.

It was discovered that a pregnant woman had gone into labour on the side walk outside the pharmacy. With her water already broken, it was only minutes before the baby would be born. A fourth year nursing student, Keshia, from the Life College of Learning came to the pregnant woman’s assistance.

“It was about 7.20pm when Mark ran in yelling that a pregnant woman outside the pharmacy needed help. It was just after we heard someone screaming in pain and all of us were just staring at each other, not knowing what was going on outside,”

“When some of the employees [of the pharmacy] and I got outside, I realised the woman’s water broke and she was having contractions. I immediately started to panic because I did not know what to do! I’m not a midwife, you know.”

“We tried to make the woman as comfortable as possible while we tried to get the ambulance to come.” – Keshia Meintjies

Keshia’s instincts kicked in, enabling her to subside the anxiety she was feeling. Keshia had to take control as they realised the ambulance would not make it there in time.

A healthy baby boy was born a mere 10 minutes later to a woman only known as Wendy. After cancelling the request for an ambulance, Wendy and her new born baby boy were taken to the nearest hospital.

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“Everything went well and – since the ambulance had not arrived at the time – we called a Uitenhage security company, Topflight Security, who took Wendy to Provincial Hospital in Uitenhage. Keshia and I went along just to make sure that mother and son got to the hospital safely.” – Mark Rodgers

Nursing students are prohibited to administrating medical care. With this rule, Keshia was worried that she would be in trouble for assisting Wendy with the birth of her baby. learnt that due to the fact that this was a medical emergency situation, Keshia has been welcomed as a hero at her school.

“Because I’m not a midwife I’m not supposed to be doing that, but, since it was an emergency I guess that rule didn’t matter. Everyone was proud of me and I’m really just glad and happy that I could help.”

“I’m really grateful that the mother and her little boy are doing fine,”

It was reported by HeraldLIVE that mother and baby are in good health and have been discharged after been checked over by doctors at the hospital.

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