Venom Man injects himself with snake venom to build immunity

Venom Man injects himself with snake venom to build immunity

- Joe is a snake catcher who has been named 'Venom Man'

- Joe actually lets the snakes bite him and injects himself with venom in order to build up an immunity to it

- Tests have proven that he has indeed built up levels of immunity to snake venom's

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Been dubbed 'Venom Man’ this young snake catcher is from the Phillippines. Joe Quililan has a rare habit of permitting venomous snakes to bite him.

This happens on a weekly basis. Quililan even injects himself with small quantities of venom in order to boost his resistance to the poison.

Catching his first Northern Philippine Cobra at the age of 14, this 31 year old originates from Cagayan de Oro City. Still been a teenage he did not have the required knowledge in this field.

Years back, Quililan was biten by a cobra and opted not to go to the hospital, instead he carried on with his day-to-day activities as if nothing had happened.

The symptoms of a cobra bite is severe breathing problems soon after the bite, followed by a loss of consciousness and then death. Oddly enough, Quililan experience none of these.

After experiencing the first snake bite, Quililan realized that he had an unusual resistance to the cobra’s venom. In the following years, Quililan’s aim was to become completely immune.

Quililan has accomplished his goal by becoming immune to the venom, but it did not come easy and the process what extremely difficult.

Hospital visits have not been uncommon to Quililan. Through the years, after suffering hundreds of snake bites, he has been admitted to hospital on a number of occasions.

There has been five instances where he could have lost his life and one where his fingers had to be amputated following a viper bite. After all this, Quililan has not given up.

“I cannot avoid encountering the more aggressive wild snakes and I’ve been in and out of the hospital five times, but the bites make me more immune to the venom.”

In order to enhance his resistance, the young snake catcher allows poisonous snakes to bite him once a week. According to GMA Networks, Quililan injects small doses of venom into his body once every three week. learnt that the administration of the venom not only makes him immune to the poisonous bites, but enhances his strength.

Quililan demonstrated his immunity to the snake venom recently by appearing on GMA’s Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (KMJS) show. Quililan allowed himself to be bitten twice by a Northern Philippine Cobra.

In order for this captivating TV topic not to turn into a tragedy, Quililan was immediately taken to hospital to be checked out. It took only an hour for doctors to confirm that he was in perfect physical condition and released him.

After the TV broadcast was aired, the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine requested for Quililan’s blood to be tested. Once the blood was analysed by the Institute, it was confirmed that Quililan’s antibodies can neutralize cobra venom.

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“We found out that Joe indeed has antibodies against the cobra venom. But to what extent his blood can neutralize the venom, we are not yet sure. This is the first time that we found a person who can do that and had his blood tested.”

Quililan previously worked in a pet shop in Cagayan de Oro. He has recently been offered a job helping with snake conservation through the Philippines’ Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

With Quililan’s unusual resistance to venom, he is looking forward to educating people the important role and the purpose snakes play in nature.

“I love snakes. I want the public to be educated in what I do with my hobby. Snakes have purposes in the ecosystem and in our lives as well,” Venom Man said. “I don’t worry because right now I’m immune to this.”

The painful and dangerous methods Quililan uses is not new to the world. A snake enthusiast from the USA, Tim Friede, claims he too has been injected himself with a diluted snake venom making him immune to the poison.

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