South African women trying to survive with no pension, food or electricity

South African women trying to survive with no pension, food or electricity

- Poverty in South Africa is at an all-time high

- There are countless people, young and old who are trying to survive with no income, due to a high unemployment rate in the country

- More and more South Africans are showing their heart and trying to reach out to those in need

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Community Facebook pages and Twitter streams go crazy on a daily basis with calls to action from individuals who have come across a hard-luck story.

These stories are beyond heartbreaking and leave most wondering how people in these situations are able to survive from one day to the next.

Which makes this story a two-pronged story.

Level one in the story is about determination. About a lady who should be able to enjoy a retirement after having worked her entire life. It’s the story of her grit and determination to survive and the fact that, to this point, that is exactly what she has managed to do.

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Nobody knows how. Someone without a pension, without food, without electricity, and with a leaky shack does not have the odds in their favour, yet this brave lady has achieved just that.

The other level in this story is the heart of South Africa. It’s the story of how a stranger in our country came across another stranger is a desperate need and decided to step up and do something about it. It’s about how these two brave souls have come together in the most obscure manner and are united in a common goal.

That is the heartbeat of our nation. It is the one aspect that sets us apart from other countries. It’s quite simple, how we as a country role! Despite the challenges we face and the rocky road we are walking as a nation, we always find South Africans willing to make a difference.

MaSweets Catering and Decorations is one such South African Twitter user. She has now launched a campaign to help the stranger she encountered. One little old lady with nothing, who desperately needs the help of strangers today.

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Our Celebs are not above this part of South African heart either as our recent article Tweeps share Celebs random acts of kindness shows.

The current news is full of negative events, state capture, Zim coup and high crime and unemployment. Celebrities often make headlines too but not always for the right reasons.

Celebrities going crazy, shaving their hair or getting arrested always makes it onto the headlines and stories of celebrities’ good deeds often don't sell newspapers and magazines.

A Twitter user, Bakoon, decided to ask other tweeps if they have had any positive encounters with celebrities.

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