Malema: At least we are free in SA to call criticise politicians with funny names

Malema: At least we are free in SA to call criticise politicians with funny names

- Julius Malema while dishing out insults to leaders in Africa who deny people freedom of speech has celebrated the rights South African’s enjoy

- In his customary heartfelt vocal style, the Economic Freedom Party leader took some pot shots at various African leaders

- Malema said South Africans should be grateful they had the freedom to make fun of politicians in public while in other countries in Africa people were being abused

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EFF Leader, Julius Malema had much to say about African leaders in his Africa Day speech. However, he was especially scathing of leaders who abused the freedom of their people. gathers that he singled out Angola in particular for it’s human rights record.

“The people in Angola can’t choose a government of their own without any form of intimidation,” said the EFF CIC. “In another is a crazy law where they say you can’t critique the president. Imagine if that law was in South Africa, we would be in jail – because of all of us who said Zuma’s head looks like a butternut,” said Malema.

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In his usual jocular manner, Malema said people living in South Africa should be grateful of the freedom of speech they had to make fun of politicians saying things like, “Zuma’s head looks like a butternut and that Ramaphosa wanted to be born to the “Van der Merwes”.

He also said people were too quick to mould themselves in the image of their colonisers and said Africans should stop loving what white people loved.

“Ramaphosa is too white. That’s why he even blames his parents for being black. ‘Why am I not born in the Van der Merwe family or something?’” Malema said much to the amusement of the crowd in Pretoria.

The leader also took aim at King Mswati III, of the newly renamed Swaziland kingdom of eSwatini. He said the king should leave politics to the politicians and stop throwing all those who criticise him into prison.

“Continue marrying, as you want to marry many women. It is fine; it’s your own problem. But release the political prisoners in Swaziland,” said Malema. “We want total freedom in Swaziland. We don’t want a king to interfere with the freedom of the people of Swaziland.”

He then took aim at the South African government for not changing names to reflect the African history rather than sticking to a legacy born of colonialism. Again he invoked King King Mswati III.

“This dictator of Swaziland, he knows better than the ANC and he changed the colonial Swaziland to eSwatini. South Africa still doesn’t have a name. It’s not a name; it is a direction south of Africa,” said Malema.

Malema said that when the EFF took over, they would rename the streets after struggle heroes such as Muammar Gaddafi and Thomas Sankara.

“That name will be given to the country when we take over and we shall declare the country Azania. There will be no DF Malan Street, no Verwoerd Street. The ANC is useless and even failed to just change a name and put in African names,” he said. “We want Steve Biko Airport in East London; Winnie Mandela Airport in Cape Town. We don’t want everything to be Nelson Mandela … even toilets in the Eastern Cape are called Nelson Mandela toilets. We must assume the African identity and start naming things by their rightful names. Start with your children; you cannot call your children with white people’s names. You call your child Prins … Suzette,” he said to roars of laughter.

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