President Ramaphosa credits Nelson Mandela as his inspiration

President Ramaphosa credits Nelson Mandela as his inspiration

- South African president Cyril Ramaphosa says he learned from former president Mandela on how to make decisions

- Ramaphosa is promising to lead South Africa into a stronger economy

- The president will be heading to Kenya to discuss possible investment in South Africa

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President Cyril Ramaphosa says that he is inspired by how Nelson Mandela served South Africa during his time as president.

Ramaphosa believes that his 'consultative leadership approach' is something that he learned and copies from Mandela.

He is certain that this way of leading will work most effectively and he does not expect any form of rebellion from within the African National Congress.

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Ramaphosa is satisfied that his ministers have accepted this vision of his.

He also said that he would like the people he dealso with to feel like they were respected and that any decisions made by him against an idividual also belonged to 'the collective'.

I learned from Madiba, who liked to take people along in his decision-making. That is for me the best lesson I learned from Madiba. He was a great mobiliser, who went to his detractors and even the opposition. He did this well, with dexterity and ability, but he was clear about what he wanted.

The president added that he believes it is demeaning to people when their views are not taken into account when deciding on matters of the state.

However, the president was forced to admit that not everything was going smoothly at the moment. He admitted that there are still many problems with SOE's (state-owned enterprises).

Some of these things happened in a sequential way. After that there was a deluge. But we are where we are today because we took action. This must never happen again. We now need to prepare for the work ahead. We want a clean government.

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But President Ramaphosa is certain that he is on the right path with his mission to end corruption and state capture. He has already changed heads in SOE's.

We may have made mistakes, but we will get better.

He also reminded everyone of the importance of independence for the Reserve Bank. He believes that in order for South Africa to be driven smoothly and have a strong economy all structures that has to do with the economy must be independent.

It’s important in a modern economy that such structures are given independence.

It does worry Ramaphosa that there are many messages and voices coming from within the same group (the ANC and its allies) about the independence or non-independence of the Reserve Bank.

Not too long ago the ANC was forced to let go of its plan to nationalise the Reserve Bank, before an ANC-sponsored motion was approved on the matter.

Of course, leftist groups such as the very outspoken EFF had much to say on this and criticised the ANC.

The president shared this clip on his twitter account about what he is doing for the country:

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President Ramaphosa has given South Africans hope in the form of future investors in the country. According to him there is a lot of interest.

In fact, Ramaphosa will soon be going to Kenya to discuss a few investment ideas.

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