Woman's sugar daddy gives her R150 000 a month, and she might just marry him

Woman's sugar daddy gives her R150 000 a month, and she might just marry him

- A 33-year-old woman receives $12 000, which is almost R150 000, for being a 'sugar baby'

- And, her sugar daddy, a man 17-years older than her might become her hubby one day

- The woman met her current 50-year-old bae on a dating site, but admits the sugar daddy life is not for everyone

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A 33-year-old sugar baby called Gail (not her real name), opened up about what it is like to have a sugar daddy.

Gail has been dating sugar daddies for the past five-years now, she said she moved to Altanta to become a producer but her career did not quite take off and she received very little money.

Now, she racks up almost R150 000 ($12 000) a month from her sugar daddy, a divorced 50-year-old man she met on Arrangement.com.

However, Gail said her romance is not purely for financial gain, in fact she and her sugar daddy is in an exclusive relationship.

"My current arrangement is with a divorcé who is a little older; he's almost 50. We started seeing each other two years ago, so our arrangement has changed over time. He was going through his divorce at the beginning, but after a few months of being together, it became a relationship. There are no other romantic partners involved on either end.", she explained.

She added she spend a lot of time with him and she really started to fall, which led to the discussion on where they're headed with the relationship and could it be more than their arrangement at the time.

"We thought about it for a couple months, thought about what it would mean to us, and how much we were invested in each other. Both of us were hesitant at first — our relationship was created through these sugar dating websites, but we really talked about it, and ultimately agreed on it."

Although she says she is only sexually active with her sugar daddy, he allows her to go on dates as part of her job.

"He sees going on dates as my job, and for me, I'm just trying to make sure I can pay my bills and have the lifestyle I want to live.", she said

Gail added although she does not want him to go on dates with other women, she is fne with it for now. But, she adds at some point they would have to stop seeing other people and concentrate on their relationship.

"He's allowed to, but I'm assuming if our relationship were to progress to an engagement, we would both stop dating. We talk about marriage a lot, and I think he's also ready for that when the time is right."

Gail explains she sees the 50-year-old as her boyfriend and he even introduces her as his girlfriend to his friends, however, when she goes on dates with other sugar daddies, she does not admit he is her bae.

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She explain her arrangement with her current boyfriend consists of him paying certain bills, including her rent, leftover student loans, gifts, and trips- which she explains totals almost R150 000 a month.

Briefly.co.za learned he was not her first sugar daddy relationship. According to Gail, her first arrangement was with a doctor only a few years older than her.

She explained after six months with the doctor, they felt the arragement turned into a commitment, which was not something either of them looked for.

So, they mutually agreed to end it and "wished each other well".

She explained one arragement was with a married man, who would take her out to dinner twice a week- on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

According to Gail, the man's wife was aware of her since the relationship was only about talking, it never got physical.

" Honestly, I think he just wanted to chat with someone who wasn't involved in his life. We would get dinner, have some awesome meals at the best restaurants, talk about whatever, and he would cover my dinners and pay for my rent in exchange for this companionship. The relationship ended, likely because his wife was probably tired of that. I can't say for certain, but I can assume.", she explained.

Gail explained she also had a relationship with a man who was strictly interested in intercourse, he was not in a relationship and wanted to explore certain sexual things. She added he never gave her money but bought her certain items such as bags and shoes.

The sugar daddy lifestyle is not for everyone, but it appears it is not one Gail is planning to get out of soon, that is if her 50-year-old bae pops the question anytime soon.

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