The Queen’s Mziwoxolo and Brutus: You just gotta love ‘em both

The Queen’s Mziwoxolo and Brutus: You just gotta love ‘em both

Fans of The Queen Mzanzi were a little worried when a stranger appeared on the scene, and thought maybe their fave Brutus would outshine him, but Mziwoxolo now has his own loyal groupies.

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Brutus has always been a favourite on the show The Queen Mzanzi. Fans tune in to see this character and feel they are real pals.

So when a new character arrived on the scene, they were unsure of how well he was going to fair.

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Mziwoxolo had his work cut out for him when he joined the show amidst scepticism from a loyal fan-base, but he didn’t let that stop him from carving his place on the show.

Both men are known to cause a chuckle, like the time Mzi found out Madi was still a virgin.

Or when they both partake in a boozy moment.

They both say-it-as-it-is and don’t care who they embarrass.

In another article called Brutas Khoza from the drama #TheQueens leaves us all in stitches, reported that Brutus can generally be seen chewing or sipping on a glass of whiskey and when he is not, he comes up with the craziest thing that leaves us in bout of laughter.

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He makes typical family dramas into a humorous affair. He is that uncle who pokes and prods on touchy subjects to get a reaction.

We all have our favorite moment with Brutus and it creates a lot of talk. He is definitely a strong reason to watch the show The Queens and keeps views coming back.

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