Pediatrician takes to Social media to celebrate everyday heroes

Pediatrician takes to Social media to celebrate everyday heroes

- Dr McAlpine takes time to post meaningful thing's to social media and has quiet the following

- Recently he posted on everyday heroes and it touched many peoples hearts

- Followers responded by adding their own examples

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Twitters favrouite Pediatrician dooes it again. This time he covered the topic of everyday heroes and it was a hit.

Dr McAlpine’s latest tweet is honouring everyday heroes, especially those that often get over looked. He paid tribute to those fighting addiction and mom’s working to provide for their families.

"People do amazing heroic acts which we so rightly honour, like a toddler been rescued after dangling from a balcony. But there are those doing day-to-day things that are just as heroic but go unnoticed. As examples from #everydayheroism."

Becoming one of the top favourites on Twitter, Dr Alastair McAlpine takes the time to share inspiring Twitter threads, reported Good Things Guy. learnt that one of the higlights was the touching post he shared about the positive advice from his palliative patients. It touched so many hearts and even brought some to tears.

Here are the nine points which he posted in his tweet about everyday heroes:

1. An addict opting to be rehabilitated whether it be going to rehab, or joining in on meetings.

2. Those who donated to charity on a monthly basis without making it public. The honest civil servant refusing to take a bribe, regardless of that the bride would be equal to a month’s salary.

3. Losing a wallet only for it to be returned by the waiter untouched.

4. Kids been bullied at school but still attend every day knowing the bullies are waiting for them.

5. All the moms providing for their children even though it means getting up at 4am to be on time for work by 7, and then returning home in the dark.

6. People living with an eating disorder, battling each and every day, teaching themselves the importance of a healthy eating pattern.

7. Then we have those survivors of sexual assault, facing the world by putting on a brave face and find the strength to go out into the world and live life after it betrayed them.

8. Cancer sufferers facing the harsh treatment & their own mortality with grace and bravery.

9. Those caring for animals, especially the sick and abandoned

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His followers took to the post and gave their views on other examples of everyday heroes.

These are just a few examples of so many heroic acts performed on a daily basis. People that simply pass you on the street could be fighting a battle that you are unaware of. It costs nothing to be kind.

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