5 fabulous facts on the entertainment queen Khanyi Mbau

5 fabulous facts on the entertainment queen Khanyi Mbau

Just been herself, this 32 year old has made her mark in the South African Industry. Khanyi Mbau has many fans but at the same time she also has those that love to loathe her.

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The actress/presenter goes about her life in her own way, doing things the way she prefers and when she desires to do so.

According to Famous Birthdays.com, Mbau comes in at 35 899 most popular celebrity and taking 14th place as most popular actress in South Africa.

Below are some facts about Mbau.

1. Growing up days

Khanyi is the daughter of Lynette Sis Mbau and Menzi Mcunu. She was born in Soweto, Johannesburgh and this is where she grew up. With her father gone most of the time due to him working as a taxi driver, Khanyi was raised by her amazing grandmother and mother.

Khanyi makes no secret of the love she has for her grandmother. She takes the time to boast about her amazing family on social media.

2. Her enhancments to look like a doll

Khanyi has never shyed away from discussing her goals to resemble a doll. Khanyi believes that a lighter skin makes her look better.

Receiving a lot of criticism for ‘rejecting her blackness’, she stated that she is a free black, and will do what she is comfortable with regardless of what anyone says. Speaking to Women 24, she said she believes people have the right to do whatever they feel to beautify themselves.

She will always maintain her looks because that is what she is known for and the way she looks today was planned.

3. Celebrities belong to the people

It is not the fame Khanyi enjoys but all positive aspects that comes from been a celebrity. Khanyi considers celebrities belong to the people, and having the priviledge of standing on that platform they should embrace their fans.

Her idea of a celebrity is one who accepts positive and negative comments from fans even to the point where it’s okay for their lives to be scrutinised in order for fans to feel better about themselves, reported the South African.

She was extremely frank when been interviewed by Anele from Real Talk.

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4. Pitted patter of tiny feet

“Small” feet is no exaggeration when it comes to Khanyi. Her shoes are often bought in the kiddies section.

Her minie feet are a tiny size two and a half.

In an interview with The Citizen, Khanyi said there are times when she envies women with bigger feet as they are able to buy sneakers or shoes in the ladies department whereas she is sent to the children’s department.

5. She raises a queen

Briefly.co.za learnt that whilst Khanyi slays the scene and dominates the industry, she also raises her 11-year-old daughter, Khanukani Mbau.

The celebrity “sangoma” is a rock star momma and does the most for her little princess.

Khanyi highlights that is has been the most incredible chapter of her life.

“I always make time for my daughter. I see her on weekends; all my nap times are scheduled; my gigs and everything I do is planned to the second. I am trying to raise a queen and I want my work to reflect the kind of person I have now become.”

Khanukani is a little Diva just like her momma. We have no doubt that she will be just as successful, if not more.

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