Young woman shares beautiful story of how she helps a homeless youth

Young woman shares beautiful story of how she helps a homeless youth

- Sixolise Gcilishe has been helping a young homeless man turn his life around and it caused waves on social media

- Sixolise, or Sixo, shared Themba's story on her Twitter account and her selfless act is inspiring

- While some South Africans think she is doing something dangerous by 'hanging out' with the homeless, others find her care and love beautiful.

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A young woman who recently shared her story of how she helps a young man who is in a difficult situation and her selfless act is warming the hearts of South Africans in these cold winter times.

Sixolise Gcilishe took to social media to show her kind deeds and teach South Africans how to fearlessly care for those in need.

Sixo opened her heart to a young man named Themba and the profound effect her care has on this young man is inspiring.

Themba has been living on the streets and depending on the kindness of strangers for a long time. Sixo saw him and decided to help him out with more than just a loose R5. She decided to show her fellow South African a little bit of love.

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Sixo has also been trying to help get Themba rehabilitated so he can have a real future.

She shared their story in a thread on Twitter, telling the world her and Themba's story.

This weekend Themba reached out to Sixo and she was there to hold his hand and listen to his heartbreaking story. She decided to share his story, to inspire others.

Themba was born in the East Rand and raised by an abusive grandmother. He never knew his father and his mother was absent most of the time. When his mother did return, she passed away from an AIDS-related illness.

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Themba claims that his grandmother once tried to kill him by suffocating him, but later pretended that it was only a game.

Themba's grandmother eventually called social services and he was taken to a home. While he was there he met a Brazilian pastor who took him under his wing for a time and helped him learn English. It was at this time that Themba learned to cook.

The pastor wanted to take Themba to Brazil, but his grandmother ignored their pleads for her to sign his papers and he had to stay behind. When he was 18 he had to leave the home and he ended up on the streets.

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When Themba told Sixo about this he had a hard time keeping himself together.

I appreciate your love, but I just miss my sister. I wish it was my sister giving me all that love. You made me miss my family and I don't have family.

Themba's sister passed away when he was still young.

Themba had an overdose of drugs the day before he talked to Sixo about his sadness. He called her on the phone and apologised through tears to the only person who cared about him.

After he opened his heart to Sixo, she took him out for dinner. She treated him to McDonalds and the young man finally smiled and looked a little happy.

South Africans responded on social media:


This is not the end of the story of Themba and Sixo. With help from fellow South Africans young Themba will be able to turn his life around and achieve greatness.

As for Sixo - she's inspiring South Africans to not only open their wallets for those in need, but their hearts too.

Inspiration to be better can be found anywhere - as proven by Sixo in Johannesburg.

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