Vusi Nova: 'You can love a person & still move on'

Vusi Nova: 'You can love a person & still move on'

Heartbreak can take a long time to heal. This South African musician, born in Port Elizabeth, knows the pain of a long term relationship ending.

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Vusi Nova is dealing with the hurt of his five-year relationship which has left a gaping hole in his heart and scarred him for life. His outlet is his music and he uses it as a form of therapy.

There have been speculations regarding Vusi’s relationship status. Clearing the air, the award winning singer, stated that he had healed and has moved on since the horrific hijacking incident in 2017.

"There are women, even men, that are in abusive relationships and they just stay there because that's all they know. Even if you love that person and they love you back, staying even though you can feel that something just doesn't gel is ridiculous," Vusi said.

Vusi did say however, that he was in no way downplaying the fact that you have to work on your relationship in order for things to plan out, reported Times Live. learnt that Vusi says that it’s always the best to give it your all but should things not work out you have to be strong enough to accept ‘it’s over’.

Vusi highlights that 'it's okay to say, no'. He says that no one should willingly put themselves thrioough continuopus hurt and once you make the decision to walk away, it is final.

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Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Vusi admitted that there is a positive side to his heartache. He has been able to draw inspiration from his ordeal and transform it into some of his iconic hits.

His latest being Ndizakulinda which will feature in his upcoming album. His new album will include the story of love, heartbreak and moving on.

Vusi is using his music to chanel his feelings, tell his story and hopefull help others through their struggles.

Staying positive, Vusi Nova believes his happily-ever-after will still come.

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