A handful of simple ideas for a future with expensive petrol

A handful of simple ideas for a future with expensive petrol

- With the petrol price increase South Africans are forced to tighten their belts

- While boycotting the government might seem like a solution to some, it would probably lead nowhere

- There are a few things to consider that could lower the average South African's fuel usage

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So the petrol price have gone up and despite our loudest protest, we're going to have to pay the prices or walk where we want to be.

Briefly.co.za reported on how South Africans have bemoaned the latest serious spike in the petrol and diesel prices, but in the end no amount of complaining or joking is going to change the prices.

The latest price increase has broken the hearts of motorists all across South African and as is the norm in these modern times, they took to social media to share their pain.


Perhaps boycotting the government might make a difference, as per the plans of many South Africans. Briefly.co.za did a report on this approach as well.

Taking to social media, people started to debate what can be done to lower the prices of petrol. One tweep, @NgoveniSbu, pointed out the high petrol price and urged people to give ideas:


But unless you can grow wings overnight, you're going to have to adjust to the new (ridiculous!) petrol and diesel price.

Here are a couple of ideas to think over while you ponder on the future of South Africa's food prices that will no doubt be going up soon as well.

Avoid dragging along excess weight

Now this isn't an excuse to tell your significant other to lose weight. That's just begging for trouble.

Instead, get rid of whatever rubbish (or treasure) you've got piled up in your trunk. If your car is expected to drive around more weight, you can expect it to need more fuel.

Make fewer trips

This is kind of obvious, yes. Drive less - pay less.

But it makes sense. If you can make all your stops in one go, you'll be saving on your fuel usage. According to a report by GoodThingsGuy.com, if you leave your car parked for hours, the engine grows cold and will use more fuel for the first few kilometres you will drive after your car has been standing.

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So it will be wise if you can make on trip to do all of your errands, if at all possible. Of course, this will take some planning, but it's totally possible.

Instead of buying bread and the newspaper in the morning and then driving to get milk later that evening, try and plan your trips ahead.

Take it easy with the air-con

Yes, the air-con is super convenient and makes trips in your car more comfortable, but the air-con in your car can use surprising amounts of fuel. Only the the air-con when you really have to.

Keep an eye on your tyre pressure

If your tyre pressure is too low, your car will need to use more fuel to move. It's as simple as that. You should ideally check the pressure of your tyres every two weeks. If you're not sure what your tyre pressure should be, use Google. Or check inside the driver's door near the lock.

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Avoid rush hour

Of course, only if you can. Many people have no choice but to drive at rush hour - which is why it exists in the first place. If you're unfortunate enough to be forced to drive at rush hour, try and keep your speed slow, instead of accelerating and braking the entire time.

Every time that you stop and start in traffic, your car needs first gear and a huge amount of fuel to get moving again. Second gear is not much better.

Consider the speed limit

It is a wide believe (and misconception) that the faster you drive, the less fuel you use. But if you drive faster, you actually use more fuel. Instead, be a good and law-abiding citizen and travel at reasonable and lower speeds.

While these helpful hints aren't all a possibility for everyone, they are something to consider at least.

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