Government's ingenious tips on beating the fuel price: Drive less

Government's ingenious tips on beating the fuel price: Drive less

The dreaded petrol price hike has left us all high and dry. In a time of such outrage, the Government decided to lend a 'helping' hand.

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We have all reacted differently to the price increase in fuel. Some have even given tips on saving petrol.

There were some outrageous fuel-saving tips that were posted on the government’s official Facebook page, reported Sowetan Live.

The petrol price is now more than R15 per litre. So on Wednesday, the day of the increase, five tips appeared on the official Facebook page.

These are the five ingenious tips that the Goverment gave us:

1. Make fewer trips. Don’t drive during rush hour.

2. Close the windows (and sunroof‚ if you’ve got one).

3. Don’t carry around unnecessary weight.

4. Accelerate smoothly.

5. Don’t push the accelerator down too hard.

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Naturally social media users have expressed how they feel having read the absurd suggestions. There has been widespread mocking and condemnation.

Muhammad Badsha was just as shocked as we were.

"I think I've been following a fake account.... Unless the government is trying its hand at light humour. Or maybe sarcasm...." learnt that Richie M Nkambule thought that the tip on rush hour was a bit impractical.

"If me and 100 other guys decide not to drive during rush hour, what wasn’t rush hour before will now be rush hour."

Nonhlala Kumalo, along with other South African's, feel that these tips are limiting them from enjoying the luxuries that they work so hard for.

"Is this for real??? So is the fuel increase a way of having less people on the roads, less travelling/holidays and not driving comfortable cars?"

We suppose that in a time of need, a little humour is never a bad thing. Well done South African Goverment.

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