Eusebius McKaiser asks to call taxi. The EFF is poepdronk on Twitter radicalism

Eusebius McKaiser asks to call taxi. The EFF is poepdronk on Twitter radicalism

- Eusebius McKaiser is the author of A bantu in my bathroom and other books

- He is also the host of 702 Radio talk show The Eusebius McKaiser show

- He recently tweeted about the EFF’s antics on social media and other platforms

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Every now and then you just get tweets or statements that sum up a situation so well – and bring a chuckle to your day.

In one such tweet, Eusebius McKaiser, author of A bantu in my bathroom, I could vote DA and Run, Racist, Run, and radio talk show host on the Eusebius McKaiser show on Radio 702, had the perfect statement.

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Referring to recent ructions within the Economic Freedom Fighers (EFF), this wordsmith had the following to say:

Can someone call a taxi please? The EFF is in no state to drive. Poepdronk on Twitter radicalism.

And Tweeps responded:

While some concurred, others disagreed with this creative statement.

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“We are used like toilet paper that is flushed in the toilet. We are used like condoms – those who use condoms will know how condoms work, they use them and they throw them [away] somewhere else.”

McKaiser is known for his outspoken feelings towards the South African political scene and his opinion pieces in Mail & Guardian are well read.

In one of his more recent column’s called No place in SA for EFF’s  ‘bro code’ politics, McKaiser commented:

There is a heated debate going on about what the name of Cape Town International Airport should be changed to. The EFF wants the airport to be named after Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. That is a good suggestion. It is not, however, the only suggestion. The party does not know what to do with interlocutors who do not share its viewpoint.
In a desperate attempt to avoid acknowledging the force of arguments that do not align with their own views, some EFF leaders, not unlike weak school debaters, have resorted to the straw person fallacy.
In other words, they deliberately mischaracterise what their opponents say and then pretend to have brilliant responses to these misdescriptions of what their opponents say. The only reason these non-responses even sound convincing is that they are responses to positions that no one advocated in the first place.

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