Thebe preaches on raising celebrity children: Riches don't come easy

Thebe preaches on raising celebrity children: Riches don't come easy

- The way that Robbie Malinga’s son has been acting, has shook Thebe to the point of speaking out

- Thebe believes that celebrity children need to know the value of hardwork and that their parents need to teach them this

- Thebe say's that parents need to encourage their children and equipe them with the right tools to survive when they are no longer around to provide

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Bring up children is always difficult and challenging for any parent. When that parent has enough money to “spoil” his/her children then things could get a little more perplexed.

The view of many people is that celeb kids in Mzansi are among those most spoilt. But music veteran Thebe, seems to have a hold on things.

There has been some talk about Robbie Malinga’s son on social media taking over his late dad’s Instagram account showing off his father’s cars like a spoilt rich kid. Thebe was giving comment to Trending SA this week about this topic, reported Times Live.

He echoed the struggle it is to raise children when the parent is always in the spotlight. He explained that acquiring money is not easy and we need to teach our children that things don’t come easy.

Thebe assures his children that he will try give them the best life but the most important thing is for him to equip them with the tools they will need in order to do their best in life. Education is top priority. learnt that Thebe believes that his children must know what they want to do and then give it their all! He believes that parents need to encourage, guide and nurture their children into humans that are capable.

When Thebe was younger he used to be a “party animal”. In an interview with Afternoon Express, Thebe said that he has left that kind of lifestyle in the past.

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Thebe also mentioned that he has always been able to separate the two realities, his stage persona and then the off-stage persona. He said that he is a calm person and added that after becoming a husband and father he gained perspective about the important things in life.

Thebe has not been in the spotlight for some time now, but he definitely has no plans to retired. He explained to TshisaLIVE earlier on in the year that he was making sure he has enough coins to avoid him dying broke.

Thebe said that this has been a concern of his all his life. He has try to ensure that he does not die broke by starting companies and working in companies, building a safety net.

“It is hard to watch when someone you idolise dies and their family is struggling. I don't want that but you never know how life will pan out."

Thebe sympathises for the state that Robbie Malinga’s son is in. It has affected him so much that he felt the need to speak out and hopes that all will listen. As parents, you can only do so much, but you need to try your best.

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