Simphiwe Majozi ditches public transport after he almost lost his job

Simphiwe Majozi ditches public transport after he almost lost his job

- Simphiwe stopped using public transport due to the effect it had on him being on time for work

- He took metered taxis and caught lifts with his brother for a while before he bought his own car in order to save his job and be on time for work

- All the commotion by fans on public transport was too much and as Simphiwe is a nice guy, he could not say no to his fans and therefore had to stop using public transport

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It was Simphiwe Majozi’s own choice to find alternative transport to work and it had nothing to do with his celebrity status.

Uzalo actor was using public transport to get to work and made the decision to change as his job was a risk.

Explaining his situation, Simphiwe said the only problem he has with using public transport is that it would take up to an hour for him to arrive at work. Finding an alternative would only take 10 minutes.

Simphiwe also commented that soon after he joined Uzalo, there were changes in his life he had to make. One of those changes were purchasing a car in order not to use taxies, reported Times Live.

People were putting him under pressure by asking him questions and wanting to have pictures taken with him. He understands the public interest and does not blame them for their reactions and requests.

Simphiwe said he was in no way running away or trying to avoid those people, it was just time consuming and with this it was making him late for work.

The early morning shoots for Simphiwe would start at 8am or sometimes even earlier. Simphiwe said he is not one of those celebs that think they are better, and he was not going to dismiss those fans asking for his time.

As we are all aware, the life of a celebrity is not easy. Once your face has hit the TV screen there will be those asking questions and requesting selfies.

Taking a taxi does present a whole bunch of challenges, like fans constantly asking why you don’t have a car, to the taxi breaking down on the way to work.

Experiencing all this, Simphiwe said he is not the type of person to be rude and could not refuse a requests make by his fans. Due to his kind nature, Simphiwe was arriving late for work, which in turn could jeopardize his career.

Simphiwe’s fellow colleagues encouraged him to acquire a car as soon as possible and until then, use metered taxi.

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It took a while before Simphiwe got a car and used meter taxis for a while. He said that some of his fellow actors suggested a meter taxis would be the better option as ‘his character is on the peak at the moment’. learnt that Simphiwe’s brother was there to give a helping hand and did drop him off at work at times.

Simphiwe has taken this opportunity to make ‘Sbu’ different from the norm. He started to put an element of comedy in his script and the scriptwriters noticed that it was working well.

Simphiwe’s new idea had the scriptwriters including the funny side of things into their scripts.

Playing the role of the “funny thug” Sbu, Simphiwe has managed to make the character his own.

Simphiwe said he got tired of seeing the same kind of thug on TV that viewers experience in so many different stories and dramas.

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