DJ Zinhle lets Mzansi in on AKA, being labelled lazy and her success

DJ Zinhle lets Mzansi in on AKA, being labelled lazy and her success

- DJ Zinhle and AKA's relationship is no secrete and what she had to deal with, was a lot

- She spoke out about how she rose above the hurt and the haters and came out on top

- Her daughter Kairo is one of her biggest strengths and being a mom is her greatest pride

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Heaps of hardship, shrugging off numerous labels, DJ Zinhle has gone through it all.

Even while growing up she was told that she was lazy, breaking down her confidence, making her believethat she would be a nothing, reported Times live.

While been interviewed by Azania Mosaka on Real Talk this week, the Colours hitmaker spoke out about her own challenges growing up. The motivational book DJ Zinhle has recently released, is in hope to inspire women to follow their dreams and know that they can. learnt that Zinhle always felt that she would amount to nothing due to the criticism given in her younger days. She pondered if it was because she was the younger sister. Harsh things were said to her during her youth, like no-one will want to marry her.

Zinhle said, all these words played mind games with her and she started to worry about her future, will someone love her, how will she get a job and what will she become when she grows up

After a while, Zinhle said she started to calm herself down and did not place so much pressure on herself.

Zinhle spoke the gospel of showing gratitude for the things you have and not being unhappy for that you don’t have. Her daughter, Kairo, taught her a valuable lesson when she was so distraught by the fact that AKA left her soon after Kairo’s birth.

There was a time that she recounted,e saying Kario was only about two months old when she was about to have a bath, she looked at her child’s face and a wave of emotions came over her.

This was an extremely tough time for her. She was experiencing a lot of emotions and was in pain. In that moment she looked at her precious child and through her tears she said told her that her daddy was gone.

Looking back at her mom, Kairo’s tiny face was saying to her mom, ‘look around you mommy, take a look at everything else’. Zinhle then knew that pain was blinding her to all that was amazing.

When Zinhle’s house was under construction earlier this year, the completion of the house was totally overwhelming for her.

Speaking to WTF Tumi’s Tumi Morake, Zinhle expressed the great stress that she felt when the construction was happening.

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Zinhle was able to take in certain things and learnt to cope with endless demands. She did this by leaning on those that were there to support her and dealing with one thing at a time.

There were times that Zinhle felt exposed when assisting in helping women with social issues which included unemployment, alcohol, drug abuse, teenage pregnancy and crime.

She expressed that her reality show was one of the toughest projects she has had to do. There were times that Zinhle was emotionally drained and needed to just rest. The stories she heard were tough and sometimes hit her hard.

She did it despite the struggles and she would not have it any other way. Zinhle hopes to be a role model and pillar of strength for other women who are haviing a tough time.

Zinhle said that motherhood was the best grounding for her when she was feeling down and felt like her world was coming to an end. Kairo is always her silver lining.

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