Here's what South Africa might look like in 2030

Here's what South Africa might look like in 2030

- Indlulamithi South Africa predicted three different scenarios for the future of South Africa

- Each scenario paints a different picture of what could happen in the country

- It is hoped that the more positive scenario is the one that will actually happen

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A report by Indlulamithi South Africa paints 3 different pictures on how South Africa could look in 2030.

The initiative involved conversations between government, the corporate sector, and civil society, as reported by BusinessTech.

Extensive research has been done to reach the conclusions that have been made. learned that the year 2030 was decided upon because it will be concurrent with the timelines of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the National Development Plan.

Before 2030 there will also have been 3 national elections. The elections in 2019, 2019, 2024 and 2029.

Here are the three possible ways things could go for South Africa in the future:

iSbhujwa – an enclave bourgeois nation

The first scenario is focused on a nation that feels deep resentment. There is great inequality while the wealthy benefit. In this future, protests will become increasingly intense. It is predicted that by the year 2028, South Africa will have experienced thousands of serious protests.

Property damage caused by frustrated protests will result in millions of rands of damage. Campuses will be disrupted and interfere with students' studies and exams.

South Africa becomes a country of little islands - people isolate themselves to their own 'enclaves' of poverty or wealth.

Trust in the government and the state will evaporate, while there will be improvement in schools.

Foreign investments could increase and unemployment might drop to 22%.

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Nayi le Walk – A nation in step with itself

In this predicted future for South Africa, the ANC remains the ruling party, but with reduced numbers of followers. The 2019 election goes smoothly and peacefully.

This scenario sees more foreign investors and entrepreneurs investing in the country's people and enterprises.

Education becomes more important, and university is made more affordable. The South African youth becomes focused on living independently and are more entrepreneurial.

Unemployment and inequality are still big problems, but housing plans and urban transports systems are improved.

There will be more active prosecutions and a feeling of real justice is experienced by South Africans.

Land distribution and focus on helping farmers will give agricultural development a big boost.

The unemployment numbers will drop to 16% by the year 2030.

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Gwara Gwara – The ups and downs of a false dawn

The final scenario is a less positive one. Unemployment will reach 25% but will rise again in the late 2020s.

South Africans will feel deep mistrust towards each other and foreigners as well as the state.

Violent battles within the ANC will continue while foreign investment will decrease immensely. As a result, inflation will continually increase.

The prediction for South Africa in this scenario is a country with only 6 provinces.

Land grabs and illegal mining become 'the norm' and ethnic tension increases, leading to conflicts.

The government will become less effective and services will decline.

Xenophobia will rise in this predicted future and a gender civil-war is expected as women become empowered and men disgruntled.

South Africa's debt will be downgraded to junk status.

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Although these scenarios have been well researched, it is still only an indication of what could happen. Predicting the future is still relatively impossible.

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