Dali Mpofu comes to Juju's defence: 6 of his Malema backing quotes

Dali Mpofu comes to Juju's defence: 6 of his Malema backing quotes

Julius Malema came under fire after he made a 'racist' comment on Youth Day, where he accused all Indian people of racism.

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As Briefly.co.za reported previously, during a Youth Day speech at Matlosana Stadium in Klerksdorp in the North West, Juju alleged that Indians had it better during apartheid than black people.

He further went to on to accuse the majority of Indians of being racist.His remarks has since been condemned by South Africans and opposing political parties.

However, the EFF stands firmly behind their leader and the party's National Chairperson Dali Mpofu even went as far as to release a lengthy discourse on “the Indian question”, The South African reported.

In the piece, which he released on Thursday, Mpofu plays the part of myth buster, where he explained six perception of the EFF and what's the truth.

Here is the six myths Mpofu listed in his discourse, as well as his remarks on each:

1. The EFF has invented the Indian question because Jacob Zuma is gone and we are afraid of “Ramaphoria”.

“Ramaphosa is a paper tiger created by the media and a much less formidable opponent than Zuma. He is a gift to us.”
“In the face of insults, threats and mob psychology, we stand firm on principle and take time to enlighten society on the national question. The EFF will never sacrifice principle on the altar of political convenience.”

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2. The EFF is a racist political organisation in its articulation of race relations in South Africa

“It is therefore not a racist act to call out racism. It is also not racism to legitimately call for representation of indigenous Africans in serious responsibilities, because apartheid prevented them from occupying such positions.”
“Those who imagine that calling out on Ishmail Momoniat was a racist act are conceptually confused and ideologically misdirected. Whoever continues to believe that calling out racism is equal to being racist needs intensive psychological observation.”

3. The EFF is isolating Indians in South Africa and should be condemned

“It is a historical fact that Indians arrived in the political territory we call South Africa today as indentured labourers from 1860 onwards. This automatically disqualifies them as indigenous South Africans.”
“The current generation of Economic Freedom Fighters will of course ask why Gandhi is celebrated in post-apartheid South Africa, despite the fact that he was an anti-African racist.”
“The answer perhaps will come from the fact that 24 years post-apartheid, South Africa still hosts statues of apartheid murderers and rapists who colonially and forcefully took indigenous Africans’ land without compensation.”

4. The affirmation of Africans in particular amounts to racism

“The affirmation of African leadership is therefore not some racist invention of the Economic Freedom Fighters, it has historically been affirmed, more importantly by a generation that proclaimed Freedom in Our Lifetime. ”
“The EFF exists to change and not to preserve the status quo in which Africans, and African women in particular, are at the bottom of the social pile.”

5. The EFF will divide South Africa along racial lines by exposing the racial divisions

“All the EFF has done since its formation in 2013 is to expose societal contradictions. It is not possible to further divide such a deeply divided country, but we can only move towards eradicating such inequality by honest and frank engagements.”

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6. The EFF is incorrect in stating that the majority of Indians are racist

“In recurrent elections, the Indian population in South Africa predominantly votes for themselves or for white political parties, whose aims and programme is protection of white privileges and interests or the status quo created by apartheid.”
“Since 1994, Indians have communicated very loudly that they would prefer to have as president the likes of Tony Leon and Helen Zille than “k******” like Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki, to borrow from the language of Mahatma Gandhi.”

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