Fact check: Are people crying out for land or is land hunger a myth?

Fact check: Are people crying out for land or is land hunger a myth?

- Land expropriation and land reform seems to be all the politicians talk about these days, but is it what South Africans truly need?

- Many South Africans want jobs and better service from the state, not land

- Only as little as 1% of South Africans really care about land reform

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Land reform is mentioned with every public address made by the president as well as his opposition.

But is land expropriation without compensation really what South Africans want?

According to a survey taken in 2016 - No, South Africans do not want land reform. They want jobs and better service delivery. The survey showed that less than 1% of South Africans really care about land distribution.

The Citizen reported that more than 90% of land claimants who were successful chose money over land. Surely this says something about the general attitude among most black South Africans today.

The reality is that people are moving away from rural lands and seeking a better life in cities and towns.

At this time, more than 64% of South Africans live in cities.

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If South Africans aren't really into the idea of land reformation, why is it such a big part of the discussions held by politicians?

Many South Africans feel the land expropriation issue is a way to draw attention away from the biggest problem of the country - corruption from the higher-ups.

Others feel the EFF is using it to show they are "for the people", but it is not what the people want.

So far, land expropriation has caused nothing but problems. People invading private property and inciting violence over illegally claimed land make the news regularly.

It is only logical to think that messing around with people's rightfully owned land and attempting to take it from them could lead to serious problems.

A civil war is not impossible in such a situation. News24 reported that a civil war in South Africa could easily look like the horrific situation in Syria.

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Earlier this morning, Briefly.co.za reported on the chaos at a land expropriation hearing.

EFF leader Julius Malema and Cope leader Mosiuoa Lekota had to be separated after they nearly came to blows at a chaotic public hearing into land expropriation without compensation.

The hearing took place in Marble Hall, Limpopo and was marred by chaos and vandalism. Malema claimed the altercation with Lekota had been caused when Lekota got upset by the chairperson of the hearing and said the entire process was staged.

While land reform is on the minds of politicians, employment and safety are on the minds of their voters.

Perhaps it is time the politicians stopped talking and started listening.

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