Gangster makes headlines after daring prison escape via chopper

Gangster makes headlines after daring prison escape via chopper

- A manhunt is on to find a French gangster who broke out of prison and escaped in a helicopter on Sunday.

- Redoine Faid, a well-known gangster, was broken out of prison by three armed men

- The helicopter was found in a nearby area - but there was no sign of the gangster

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A gangster is on the run after he broke out of a French prison in what could have easily been a scene from a Hollywood movie. He escaped dramatically - in a helicopter.

Redoine Faid orchestrated his daring escape with the help of 3 heavily armed gunmen.

The notorious gangster was supposed to serve a 25-year sentence after a failed heist in 2010 during which a policewoman was killed.

The gangster would be proud of his escape - it is reported by St. Lucia News Online that Faid lived his life inspired by famous movies like Scarface.

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The escape plays out like a true Hollywood film:

Three men showed up at the prison's entrance with guns to create a diversion. They demanded Faid's release.

Meanwhile, a helicopter made its way and landed in the prison's courtyard.

Two armed men wearing balaclavas used angle grinders and smoke bombs to break into the prison's visitor room.

Faid was in the visitor's room, talking to his brother (and waiting to be broken out, perhaps).

The gangster was then escorted to the helicopter by the armed men.

The helicopter took off and Faid made his grand escape. The helicopter was found burnt out and abandoned in a nearby area.

EWN reports that it is possible the helicopter pilot may have been a hostage of Faid's accomplices.

No one has been reported injured during the escape.

Apparently, this was Faid's second prison break. In 2013, Faid escaped from another prison after he took 4 guards as human shields and blew several doors off with dynamite.

He spent the next 6 weeks on the run before he was captured again.

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