Aunt sends 10-year-old girl in a taxi to Johannesburg by herself - Tweeps react

Aunt sends 10-year-old girl in a taxi to Johannesburg by herself - Tweeps react

- Anyone who has ever been to Johannesburg knows it's not a safe place to be. Even more so for a 10-year-old girl who is alone.

- Young Snothile Hadebe was found sitting by herself, scared and unsure of what to do

- It is believed her family was later located

When a Twitter user shared a post trying to find the mother of a lost young girl, tweeps were shocked and angry.

10-year-old Snothile Hadebe was put on a taxi to Johannesburg by her aunt. The aunt did not give her an address or number, she just told her to find a red building.

A student found the girl, cold and frightened, and took to social media in an attempt to find the girl's mother.

South Africans were outraged that something like this could happen.

Thembile - I don't even have words to express how angry this makes me feel...I can't imagine how traumatised the little girl is.

People commented on how it was unsafe to send this girl out on her own.

Cathy Mokoka - My daughter is 9rs nd afta 6pm i dnt even allow her to go out the house.
Nokwanda Mbatha - My son is 11 and is not even allowed to step outside the gate. If he needd to go to visit friends, we drive him there and fetch him. I'd rather be overprotective than have my child hurt. I'm so hurt for this child.
Delcile Mayisela-Maleka - my boy is 19yrs 1st yr student @ tertiary at Joburg I can's slp without video calling him I hate & scared of Joburg, while other ppls r playing games with a 10yrs gal I'm so pissed

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Many South Africans were upset with the aunt for sending the girl to Johannesburg on her own, while others felt the mother should be responsible for her child.

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Some tweeps also felt like the taxi driver should have acted more responsibly and taken the girl to the police station.

Fortunately, it is believed that the girl's family has been found.

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