Food for thought: Is Lobola a sexist tradition with no place in modern society?

Food for thought: Is Lobola a sexist tradition with no place in modern society?

South Africa is a modern country with a richly traditional history. When a country is both rooted in tradition as well as reaching for a modernised future, where does heritage fit in?

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Diversity is one of South Africa's biggest attractions - a country with a wonderful meeting of traditions and heritage.

But South Africa is also growing more modern every day; is there truly still a place for age-old ceremonies and beliefs? Where does South Africa stand on Lobola?

Some people would say that Lobola is sexist and greedy and is a way to take power away from women.

Others will say it is a way for families to come together and unite in the love of their children.

The way Lobola is done has changed a bit in the last decade. While the fundamentals still remain intact, cash has in many cases replaced traditional gifts like cattle.

Former president Jacob Zuma and his wives have been doing things the traditional way.

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Someone once said, "Take away from a people their culture, you wipe their identity,". Some argue that if South Africans step away from traditions like Lobola, they step away from their roots and they will soon forget who they are as a people.

Despite this modern age, many families still come together and bond over Lobola negotiations like in the old days.

Although appreciation gifts like cows or goats are replaced by cheques or an EFT, the principles of the tradition is still kept in mind.

It is argued that traditional marriage conventions like Lobola does have and will always have a place in South African society.

Like so many other traditionally-charged topics, perhaps it all comes back to the point of view of those involved.

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