Man's experience with demon possessions shook Twitter: "Jesus don't let me scream"

Man's experience with demon possessions shook Twitter: "Jesus don't let me scream"

- A social media user took to Twitter to share his experience with demon possessions

- Ike Ntanzi explained he was still in high school when he witnesses demon possessions and how important prayer is

- He explained several 'devil worshippers' infiltrated their high school and how his mom's prayers saved him from their clutches

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A lot of people are sceptical when it comes to the supernatural, but one man's very real experience with demon possessions might just have turned a few tweeps into believers.

Ike Ntanzi, who goes by the Twitter handle @ikentanzi_, took to the social media platform to share a story about demon possessions, which he witnessed while he was still in high school.

Ntanzi made it clear he was not trying to convince anyone to believe him, he simply wanted to explain what he went through when he was just a teenager.

Ntanzi started off by explaining the entire ordeal started at one assembly when he was just in grade nine.

The South African YouTuber said his principal would invite pastors to address the school on Mondays and Fridays.

However, Ntanzi added the pupils made it difficult for the pastors to give their messages and that's what triggered an incident he would never forget.

Ntanzi said he was part of the RCL committee, so when the girl started screaming he ran to assist- little did he know she had been possessed.

Unsurprisingly, the entire school was left shook after they took the girl to the hospital. Ntanzi explained the same pastor came back that Friday were he spoke about possessions.

The religious leader then said something that haunted a teenage Ntanzi- he said gays were possessed as well.

The words of the pastor stuck in Ntanzi's head and he feared he might be possessed since he was gay.

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"Monday came and we were told there was no Assembly Prayer that day. First period in class all the RCLs were summoned to the Principals office. We get there and there are 7 pastors in the room. I went into panic mode. Thinking they're here to pray my gayness away," Ntanzi continued to explain. learned the seven pastors and the school principal walked into the main hall, where the headmaster locked the doors. It was then when things went from bad to worse.

Ntanzi added he was at that point convinced he was also possessed- he was gay and his desk mate was the strongest in the ranks of satanism.

According to Ntanzi, his desk mate admitted he was sent by the devil to murder two teachers who had been strong in prayer.

He added the pastors then demanded in the name of Jesus that he give up the other people he recruited to help him in his evil task.

"I almost fall to my knees thanking God. The guy he pointed is called to come to the pastors at the back and he refuses. His eyes red AF. They command in the name of Jesus and he starts moving towards the pastors. Apparently he was my desk mate's partner. He also had a throne."

Ntanzi added the incident haunted him but his mom prayed for him. Upon returning to school, he made some changes to his seating arrangement- and we don't blame him!

However, it was not until later that year when Ntanzi found out how important his mother prayers for him actually was.

"Later that year... My ex desk mate told me i should be thankful to my mother. She was praying for me everynight and so he couldn't get to me. Till this day, I'm a firm believer in Christ!! And I am forever grateful to my mom who prays for me and my siblings everyday."

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