Zimbabwe elections: Meet the 23 candidates running for Zim's presidential seat

Zimbabwe elections: Meet the 23 candidates running for Zim's presidential seat

Zimbabweans will head to the voting booth on Monday 30 July in the highly-anticipated presidential election. The election will be the first time Robert Mugabe is not a candidate for president.

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Mugabe’s absence has motivated 23 candidates to run for president of the country Briefly.co.za takes a look at all 23 candidates.

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Emmerson Mnangagwa (ZANU-PF)

The current president of the country and currently the tentative favourite to retain power. Mnangagwa took over as president from Mugabe last November after the army forced the former leader to step down. The president will be desperate to win the election and legitimise his rule

Nelson Chamisa (Movement for Democratic Change)

Chamisa is the president and leader of Zimbabwe’s best-known opposition party. He assumed power after Morgan Tsvangirai passed away earlier this year. Chamisa is seen as the main challenger to Mnangagwa in presidential race.

Mapfumo Peter Gava (United Democratic Front)

Gave is a professional hunter and runs his own horticulture project. Gava wants to compensate all political violence victims from the 1980’s and has placed reconciliation and healing at the top of his priority list should he be elected.

Joice Mujuru (National People’s Party)

Mujuru is a former vice-president of Zimbabwe who was fired after Grace Mugabe grew convinced that she was planning a coup. She formed the NPP after being expelled from ZANU-PF. Mujuru is a savvy politician and has reportedly entered into an alliance with smaller parties in hopes of competing with ZANU-PF and the MDC.

Violet Mariyacha (United Movements and Unions Party)

Mariyacha is a businesswoman, motivational speaker and performing artist. She wants is running on the promise of bringing a voice to the voiceless masses in Zimbabwe and to serve the need and will of the people.

William Tawonezvi Mugadza (Bethel Christian Party)

Mugadza is currently a law Professor at the Midlands State University in Gweru. He is running on a pledge to eradicate corruption and clean up the government.

Harry Peter Wilson (Democratic Opposition Party)

Wilson established the DOp after breaking away from another party because he believed that it was being controlled by ZANU-PF. Wilson wants to create a government of national unity which he believes will help Zimbabwe heal and also will rebuild the shattered economy.

Daniel Shumba (United Democratic Alliance)

Shumba is another former high-ranking member of ZANU-PF and also served in the Zimbabwean army. Shumba is willing to work with other progressive political parties for the betterment of the people of the country.

Tendai Peter Munyanduri (New Patriotic Front)

Munyanduri is an electrical engineer and has promised Zimbabweans that if he is elected president they will eat bacon, eggs and milk daily as part of a mandatory balanced diet. He also promises free healthcare and cheap housing.

Timothy Chiguvare (People’s Progressive Party)

Chiguvare is running on the promise of making Zimbabwe’s government excellent. He vows to only appoint appropriately qualified and experienced people to government positions to ensure excellence at all levels of government.

Nkosana Moyo (Alliance for People’s Agenda)

Moyo is the former Zimbabwean minister of industry and international trade. He has vast economic experienced and has served in high-ranking positions at the African Development and World Banks. Moyo is running on the promise of uniting the country and has promised to clean up the army, police and judiciary.

Thokozani Khupe (MDC-T)

Khupe is the leader of a MDC breakaway group. She is the former deputy prime minister of Zimbabwe. Khupe and her supporters split from the MDC after Nelson Chamisa was appointed the party’s leader following the death of Morgan Tsvangirai.

Bryn Taurai Mteki aka Sekurutau (Independent)

Mteki is a performing artist, singer, songwriter and music producer and sculptor. He has previously pulled out of elections at the last minute but said it would be a dream to be president.

Joseph Makamba Busha (FreeZIm)

Busha is a career politician and businessman who is described as having a deep understanding of the global finance system. He is an active and avid supporter of women’s empowerment. He is running on the promise of creating a better world and ensuring Zimbabweans are free to live their lives as they choose.

Washington Evaristo Chikanga (Rebuild Zimbabwe Party)

Chikanga is the leader of the Rebuilding Zimbabwe party which promotes unity through acts of love and encourages forgiveness. The party wants to provide leadership which takes care of the needs of all of the people of Zimbabwe.

Melbah Dzapasi (#1980 Freedom Movement Zimbabwe)

Dzapasi is yet another candidate who promises to clean up the government. She has prioritised transparency, accountability and responsiveness and wants to protect the people from exploitation.

Kwanele Hlabangana (Republican Party of Zimbabwe)

He promised to be a proactive rather than a reactive leader. Hlabangana said the president should not resolve problems but should rather eliminate problems through eliminating inefficiencies.

Divine Mhambi Hove (National Alliance of Patriotic and Democratic Party)

Hove has promised to eliminate cronyism and nepotism in the public sector. He has vowed to eliminate corruption from all spheres of government.

Blessing Kasiyamhuru (Zimbabwe Partnership for prosperity)

He is a youthful candidate who promises to apply his knowledge of government consultancy to the role of president if he is elected. Kasiyamhuru says he will use both traditional and cutting-edge techniques to bring prosperity back to Zimbabwe.

Lovemore Madhuku (National Constitutional Assembly)

Madhuku is an activist and politician. He is committed to ensuring Zimbabwe gets a new democratic and free Constitution.

Elton Steers Mangoma (Coalition of Democrats)

Mangoma is the former minister of economic planning and development. He was one of the founding members of the MDC but split from the party in 2014.

Noah Ngoni Manyika (Build Zimbabwe Alliance)

Manyika is a cleric turned politician. His party is running on the principles of ensuring the government protects human rights, integrity, and accountability and has promised to ensure the government implements strategic planning and effective leadership.

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