Tweeps remember the 90s: "I know the sound of an AK 47 as a 10-year-old"

Tweeps remember the 90s: "I know the sound of an AK 47 as a 10-year-old"

Most of the time when people think of the 90's in South Africa, they think of watching Madam&Eve or hearing that familiar male voice announcing that "The Days of Our Lives" is on while children played outside in the dirt instead of being glued to a smartphone or tablet.

But not all memories from that time is nostalgic and sweet. Using social media as a platform, South Africans discussed and remembered a dark time when things were much worse than they are now.

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Talk show host, broadcaster and author @RediTlhabi opened the conversation with a tweet and other South Africans soon started sharing their own memories of when they heard gunshots frequently as children.

@RediTlhabi - War is ugly. Not just bloodshed & death. But loss of home & succour. & for women & children, the inevitable rapes by ALL sides . So go on romanticizing war & wishing it had happened. Thina we WILL celebrate Mandela &ALL his contemporaries..with their complexities & dichotomies.
@MatodziNdadza - I lived in the East Rand in the 90s when there was violence between ANC and IFP. I know the sound of an Ak 47 as a ten year old it was not nice seeing dead people on the street on my way to school, so for those who wish for war good luck to you I'm for peace.
@TTN11tg - I lived through those times as well. I would not wish for anyone to go through what we did. And that wasn't even a full scale war
@LindiBut - In KZN the ANC & IFP war no 1 was safe, even if you were neither, u’ll b labelled a supporter of 1/ 2 based on the side of the street ur home was. Screams & burning of houses @ night were the order of the day. We left our bond free homes 2 save our lives.
@sallyshuttle - I remember IFP storming into Edendale Hospital with pangas. Children jumped out of classroom windows in Alex at mere rumour of “impi”. Families camped on suburban roadsides and in garages, in PMB. Phola Park burned to ground. If you didn’t see it don’t talk about being at war.

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Perhaps those eager for war in South Africa should stop and consider what it really means to be at war.

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