10 dead-forward reactions to the IFP's discussion on the death penalty

10 dead-forward reactions to the IFP's discussion on the death penalty

The IFP is asking South Africans to consider bringing back the death penalty, and the response the idea got on social media was overwhelming.

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Briefly.co.za previously reported the IFP suggested the death penalty should be brought back to help reduce the high crime rates in South Africa.

The idea sparked a debate on social media, with South Africans being divided on the matter- some agreed it would help lower certain crimes, while others felt no one could decide who lives or dies.

So, we went and gathered 10 of the most dead-forward reactions to the IFP's discussion on the death penalty.

1. No body has the right to kill

Sibusiso Dube commented, “As muuch as we have crime but I dont agree, nobody has a licence to kill. We have a lot of people who are jailed by mistake can you imagine killing someone and find out later that it wasn't him?”

2. Apply the death penalty to the most heaviest crimes

Noor Ryklief added, “Love how people say no for the death penalty as if it going to apply for corruption and stealing. I just wanna say that use dont have to worry , your ex president is save. It will only apply for the most heaviest of crimes like intent murder. And yes crime will drop, And for those criminals who are in jail that did do the must brutal murder's must be put on death row for execution.”

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3. We need good investigators

“This will mean we should get very good investigators/forensic process to avoid passing the sanction to innocent people,” social media user Nonhlanhla Harrisca said.

4. Do we have enough trust in our police to not convict innocent people?

Winnie Dweba wrote, “If they want death sentence they must employ the cops and train them properly to investigate the case because some people they go to jail for nothing because of lack of investigation, so if they think death sentence can reduce crime they must tart to the police coz real crime in SA police they are the part of it.”

5. It is inhumane!

Dumisani Mzilikazi Khumalo: “There is nowhere the death penalty has served as a deterrent from crime. It is inhumane. The other worry is that our justice system is not at it's best and suspect to corruption. There is still a lot of people jailed by mistake. Imagine those people sentences to death. Yes there are crimes that make you so angry that you call for the death penalty. But again to react with anger does not solve our problems.”

6. ‘A life for a life’

Sia Meleni wrote, “Only on Extreme Crimes should that penalty apply if it was to be voted. People can't r*pe children and kill their mothers and make the child watch all that and yet he is going to be in jail for 20 years and thats it. A life for a life.”

7. Leniency is SA’s downfall

“The so called champions of democracies such as America and England practice death sentence. In fact they can inject you for conspiring to overthrow the government . Chinese would sentence and burn you to ashes just for being a mule for substance, let alone killing in provocation. The Russian Kremlin also has the iron hand to law breakers. Leniency is South Africa in all spheres of the law is its' own destruction,” Nkosinathi Maphumulo commented.

8. What if history repeats itself?

Mongatane Malema added, “In the past the death penalty was used against innocent opponents of the state. what guarantee do we have that history wont repeat itself?”

9. Hanging should be considered

Vincent Bophela wrote, “It's a topic worth discussing we live in a democratic state, when once life is taken during robbery, hijacking and r*pe hanging should be considered.”

10. What if an innocent person pays with his life for crimes he did not commit?

Innocent Majali: “The problem with that I have seen people doing time for the crimes they didn't commit what if they hang you and found out later that you were innocent.”

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