The heat's too much: Skolopad is in hospital recovering from an overdose

The heat's too much: Skolopad is in hospital recovering from an overdose

- Skolopad was hospitalised due to a drug overdose

- She got into an argument at work and went home to take anxiety pills to calm her down, she ended up in the hospital

- Apparently she suffered a nervous breakdown which lead to the reportedly unintentional overdose

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Skolopad was hospitalized after experiencing a ‘nervous breakdown’ after an argument with a work colleague. To calm herself down she took too many anti-anxiety pills. learnt that, in an exclusive interview, Skolopad was open to the fact that she is receiving counselling but denies that what happened to her was a suicide attempt. The only reason she took the medication, was so she could rest for a long period she said.

As we all know, she is the lady known for the ‘yellow dress’. Skolopad has been trying for many years to break through into the music industry, but has not yet succeeded, reported Times Live.

The entertainer has been experiencing troubles at work with things not going too smoothly. As a registered nurse, she said that all that is going on right now is just too much for handle to cope with.

She also commented that just after the disagreement with her co-worker her mind was overwhelmed and she made the decision to take “a couple of pills” in order for her to sleep. So when she arrived home she took the tablets that she normally takes just to unwind. She unfortunately must have taken too many!

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Skolopad did acknowledge that there was a time in her past where she had considered taking her own life, but she made it quite clear that this time was not the case.

She did pass the comment that she feels she needs to rest for a long time…even if it is forever.

Admitting that she has wanted to die on many previous occasions. She goes on to say the she has even tried to jump off the hospital roof but this time she just needed to rest.

Moving up the ladder where her nurse career is concerned has also left her despondent as she has not been able to move forward. She said that she had a difference of opinion with a matron and she felt that that was the end of the road for her.

She was really upset about the situation. The hospital requested that she go back to her ward and work or go home and calm down.

It was Skolopad that resigned because she felt that nothing ever goes her way no matter how hard and dedicated she is to her job.

Skolopad confirmed that she will be receiving help in order to help with her mental health and talking to a professional regarding her feelings of hopelessness.

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