Zodwa Wabantu to all men: 'Guys, why do you hide us anyway?'

Zodwa Wabantu to all men: 'Guys, why do you hide us anyway?'

- Zodwa is sick of gender double standards

- She feels that sleeping over at your boyfriends house should not be a problem and that men should not be hiding their women

- The traditional norms do not settle well with her and she would rather die single than to live a life around them

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Zodwa Wabantu is taking a stand against gender double standards. She says that it is nonsense that women are to sneak out quietly the next day when men get to act like ‘the man’.

She says that there have been a lot of negative stigmas that have been placed onto women but not onto men and that it is simply not fair, reported Times Live.

If a woman does something it is wrong and when a man does the same thing, nothing is said.

Taking to social media, she shared a pic of her and her bae exchanging some love and challenged others to do the same.

Briefly.co.za learnt that Zodwa feels that it should not be a in to sleep over at your boyfriends house. She feels that the whole rule makes women feel hidden and like they are not good enough.

She went onto pose a question asking men why they feel the need to hide their women. “Guys, why do you hide us anyway?"

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Men even walk their women home at four in the morning in winter, just to keep it on the DL. Zodwa asked her male followers why they do this.

Zodwa does not believe that this gender inequality is ok and that it needs to stop. It has been going on for too long and something has to give. No independent woman is going to deal with that.

Just because it has been happen all your life, does not make it right, does it? Females are used to a lot of incorrect behaviours just because it has always been that way and Zodwa says no more.

Stating that she doesn’t even believe in witchcraft, Zodwa made it clear that these old school traditions will not be a part of her future. She would rather die alone.

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Source: Briefly.co.za

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